Britain loves Porsches, apparently.

This is certainly a surprise to us, are you surprised? Apparently, it’s not a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bently or McLaren but a Porsche that most British drivers wish to own most at some point in their lives!

Porsche Tops Car Brands As Britain’s Dream Car

That’s right. Porsche is the brand that most Brits ‘dream’ of owning according to a survey done by

The survey had 511 participants and they were each asked ‘what car do you dream of owning one day?’ and then also ‘do you think you will own it?’. In total, answers consisted of a range of 46 brands and 90 different models.

Porsche Tops Car Brands As Britain’s Dream Car

Porsche was not the most popular answer by a small margin either. In fact, Porsche was more than twice as popular than the second most popular brand, Aston Martin.

Interestingly, according to BuyaCar, answers didn’t just consist of Porsches and Ferraris but also some more ordinary cars. Believe it or not, when asked ‘what car do you dream of owning one day?’ someone answered with the Kia Niro plug-in hybrid (very sensible!) and one person said a classic Citroen 2CV (a very stylish French classic!). 

Porsche Tops Car Brands As Britain’s Dream Car

As the plot thickens, we find out that Porsche ‘dreamers’ were also the most confident that they would one day own the car of their dreams, with over half them saying they would. On the other hand, no participants that chose a Lamborghini model felt confident that they would one day own one.

Porsche Tops Car Brands As Britain’s Dream Car

“It seems that Porsche hits the sweet spot of being sufficiently exotic to inspire dreams of ownership but also often as affordable as a more mainstream executive type car, if you are happy to go for a used model – as customers of BuyaCar always do.” – Andy Oldham, Chief Executive of

The top 10 car brands British drivers most dream of owning:

Brand:Rank:Number of models named:
Aston Martin7.9%6

Surprising to us, not featured in the top 10 are brands such as Lamborghini and Range Rover/Land Rover.

It’s also peculiar to see that Jaguar is higher on the list than Audi and Mercedes and also that Mercedes-Benz ranks the lowest out of the big three (BMW, Audi, Mercedes). This does make us wonder who exactly were the participants and what were the main demographics…

Porsche Tops Car Brands As Britain’s Dream Car

Also, if you begin to look at the number of models named it makes you realise a lot of people must like the same car. For instance, roughly 32 people chose a BMW model as their dream car, yet only four models were named. BMW have the 8 Series, the i8, the M3, the M4, the M2, the M140i, the classic E30 M3 and so on – and yet, only four models were mentioned by 32 people?

Anyway, let us know what your dream car is and if you think these results are representative of the average Brit. Think you know your cars? Take our quiz: Can You Identify The Car From The Door Handle?

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