Is the legendary sports car making its return?

We’re not saying to get your hopes up on a new S2000, only if you enjoy being disappointed.

Known as the coolest and one of the best roadsters ever made, the Honda S2000 was small, fun, handled incredibly well and was pretty reliable as well. Nowadays, the S2000 has seen a rise in value as it transitioned from ‘slightly old car nobody wants’ to ‘modern classic that is now hard to find in good condition and low mileage’, with good examples selling for upwards of £15,000.

New Honda S2000 2024

It’s an icon amongst JDM enthusiasts and sports car lovers, being hailed as one of the greats in the two-seater market. Now, we would advise to not get your emotions too involved with this potential leak but a source close to Honda has said that a new S2000 could be in the works at Honda.

Normally, this kind of story wouldn’t have any weight at all but in this particular case, Forbes themselves have written a piece on it, making it much more substantial than just ‘some guy said’.

New Honda S2000 2024

According to the source, Honda’s marketing execs are considering the launch of a new S2000 as an excellent and profitable way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the car in 2024.

There isn’t much in terms of backing up these claims but they have said that the new S2000 will have ‘a lot more power’ and that the body proportions will ‘remain similar to the original’ with slimmer headlights and with more carbon-fibre and aluminium being used in the construction.

New Honda S2000 2024

The leak goes on to claim that the new powertrain will be a modified version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine found in the Civic Type R, producing around 320 hp, some 70 hp more than the original naturally aspirated 2.0-litre engine. They also say that the modifications made will aim to produce around 350 hp, potentially making it 100 hp more than the original S2K.

Things that suggest this could be real:

In 2020, Honda did reveal an S2000 prototype at the Tokyo Auto Salon to celebrate the 20th anniversary. It was based on an AP1-generation S2000 and it was largely the same car that we know and love but with a slightly updated exterior, updated audio system and better suspension.

Things that make this sound like a lie:

New Honda S2000 2024

The Civic is obviously a FWD car whereas the S2000 is RWD. Transforming the transmission from the Civic’s engine to RWD would not be very cost-effective and is quite hard to believe.

Furthermore, Honda is also focussing their portfolio on zero-emissions vehicles and a brand new 2.0-litre turbo sports car doesn’t quite fit in with their new vision.

And lastly, another thing that comes to mind pretty immediately is that putting a turbocharger in an S2000 would be some sort of sacrilege, surely? Would Honda really do that?

Let us know what you think about this new rumour, in the comments!

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