Potholes. The one thing all drivers have is a neutral feeling of hatred towards in the UK, they are now the most common cause of repair claims.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are a cheap repair claim. The main damage potholes cause is to the suspension and the average suspension claim is £297! That may not seem too much compared to other possible claims, but it all depends on what type of vehicle you are driving.

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For example, the most expensive suspension claim in the last 12 months was for a whopping £3,863 for a Land Rover Sport (a common mid-range vehicle among UK motorists)

Bear in mind that a pothole started as a tiny crack in the road and that little crack has caused £3,863 in damages to a Land Rover sport. They are also not going away any time soon, according to the ALARM report that shows that a large quantity of UK Roads are still in a poor condition.

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ALARM have revealed that 24,000 miles of UK roads still need to be repaired within the year, putting your vehicle at risk of suffering axle related damage and warranting unnecessary stress on all UK drivers to avoid the potholes that litter our roads.

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The reason why these little cracks erupt into damaging holes in the road is because of a process called fracking. Fracking is the procedure in which water fills a tiny crack and then freezes, causing the crack to expand. The water then melts and freezes again repeating the cycle until the crack is big enough to cause substantial damage to your vehicle.

Purchasing a warranty is one-way drivers can protect themselves in the event of a claim against pothole damage.

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