What’s the first thing to do when one of the world’s largest car manufacturers gives you a top secret, exclusive car to work on?… Put it all over the internet, of course!

And that’s exactly what a window tinting company has done, after taking care of some cosmetic procedures of the all new Range Rover Sport. A not so clever member of staff, looking quite proud of his work, posted some images earlier in a public forum and within moments the pictures have scattered across the internet.

We are guessing that this was not an intended PR stunt from Land Rover what with their exclusive launch of the motor planned to commence in less than two weeks!

The first teaser shots have literally just surfaced but whilst these remain hot from the oven, these ‘oops’ pictures lend us a further idea of how the car is likely to appear.

Slightly embarrassing for Land Rover AND the window tinting firm if you ask us but we are more than happy to share what we have found. Enjoy!

Images from PistonHeads

Range Rover Sport leaked

Leaked image of the Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport leaked image


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