In 2018, Ford celebrated what is surely one of the most iconic movie cars – ever. The satisfying, throaty roar of Steve McQueen’s Mustang in 1968’s cult classic movie Bullitt can be heard throughout the film courtesy of a 6.4-litre V8 big block. Ford chose the 50th anniversary of the movie to unveil their homage to McQueen and that car. Only there was a problem; it was a modern take on the Mustang. It didn’t really look like the car that McQueen drove…

Altogether cooler is the Revology Mustang Bullitt. This is to all intents and purposes, a 1968 Mustang. About the only thing the Revology exterior has in common with the official Ford tribute is that it remains true to the Highland Green colour of the movie car. Setting aside those classic head-turning looks for a moment, the Revology Mustang Bullitt is actually also quite a distance removed from the original car – in a good way…

There are still quite a lot of late sixties Ford Mustangs around; it was a very popular car, so Revology has used one of these as a donor car to work their magic, thus keeping those all-important period looks. Underneath the body sits a chassis that Revology has re-engineered with a modern Mustang powertrain to add punch to the Mustang Bullitt. It’s still a V8 engine, just like the original, but this is a Coyote 5-litre V8 with a 6-speed automatic transmission. If you want to go for more feel and authenticity, then Revology will do you a manual version instead.

Hidden away are the basics that make this particular Mustang Bullitt homage a far more modern beast. Steering via the lovely wood-rim steering wheel is hydraulically assisted and sits on an adjustable column and the car features Limited Slip Differential along with, of course, a brand new gearbox. Bluetooth and air-con make sure you can stay in touch and avoid the sweats while replicating Steve McQueen’s (and stunt driver Bud Ekins, who McQueen shared the driving with) edgy driving style around the streets of San Francisco (avoiding bottoming out of course if you can…)

Inside the cockpit, Revology has attempted to walk the line between classic original design and modern touches. Billett aluminium and modern dials will keep you from thinking you are driving a full-on classic car, though it’s all done in a stylish, sensitive to the original way and does look fantastic.

Wheels are authentic looking but tweaked to modern 17-inch specifications. A set of Wilwood brakes completes the look. Originally, McQueen’s Mustang GT Fastback rode on 15-inch Torq Thrust mag wheels from American Racing Equipment.

All in all, this is another beautifully rendered Revology classic reimagined – and of course the cost reflects all this. While you might be able to pick up a modern Mustang Bullitt for under £50,000 the Revology Mustang Bullitt will set you back at least $210,000 (more than £151,000). That’s a lot of money, but you just might be getting the best McQueen-style sixties era retro Mustang Bullitt currently out there. Incidentally, an original Mustang GT from the movie sold last year for $3.4 million.


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