Special guest DJ, drinks bar, mixing deck, disco ball, strobe lighting, all packed into a hatchback!

We’ve all been to that one club that’s just a little bit questionable. Well, it doesn’t get more claustrophobic than this.

SEAT Ibiza Worlds Smallest Nightclub

If you’re looking for possibly one of the most cramped club experiences you’ll ever have, come on down to the SEAT Ibiza nightclub! Queues are out the door and we’ve heard it’s always packed full of people (four, to be precise).

SEAT Ibiza Worlds Smallest Nightclub

Famous DJ and reality TV star, Woody Cook, is currently the one behind the decks, playing at the venue but who knows who else is due to set in the future? Maybe Steve Aoki or David Guetta are booked somewhere down the line?

SEAT Ibiza Worlds Smallest Nightclub

The DJ mixing decks have been built in and integrated into the car’s interior and sound is outputted via the Ibiza’s built-in Beats Audio sound system, made up of seven speakers positioned around the car. The track being currently played is displayed on the 9.2” infotainment screen for revellers to see, all thanks to the car’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity options. 

This tiny slice of Ibiza nightlife has also been brought to life with a mocktail bar built into the spacious boot. Featuring an array of bar equipment, drinks and glasses, clubbers will be able to get their drink on as they dance the night away in the ultra-exclusive club. That being said, don’t expect to forget the night’s events the next morning because Club Ibiza’s bar only serves non-alcoholic beverages.

SEAT Ibiza Worlds Smallest Nightclub

The club’s atmosphere is achieved using a range of strobe lighting, including the lights from the car’s existing ambient lighting, notably surrounding the air vents. The entire mobile club venue is described to be ‘plug and play’ with the car’s stock features being used where possible. For example, the DJ deck plugs into the car via the USB port and uses the speakers.

SEAT Ibiza Worlds Smallest Nightclub

After DJing at the exclusive venue, Woody Cook commented by saying: “Woody Cook said: “It may not be the largest crowd I’ve ever seen, but the ability to DJ in any location at any time means the possibilities are endless! From Brighton Beach to the Scottish Highlands, the only limiting factor is your imagination. “

Let us know if this is a club you would visit, in the comments.

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