A spooky image drawn using GPS systems and the first new-model Vauxhall Corsa has been spread across the UK, creating the largest GPS drawing in the world.

Guiness World Records Vauxhall CorsaThe image is 6,080 miles long and crosses the length and breadth of the UK. Among the features of the drawing are a spider web across London, ghosts in Devon, a star near Aberdeen, the word Hallowe’en crossing Wales to Norfolk and a pumpkin in a witch’s hat stretching from the Midlands to close to the Scottish border.

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Earlier this week, the seasonal image was validated by Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest GPS Drawing, with its predecessor covering 4,500 miles.

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Speaking about the reason why the Corsa was put forward for the world record, PR manager for Vauxhall Simon Hucknall said: “There are Corsas in every village, town and city in Britain,

“So we thought it fitting that the new model should visit as many of them as possible to celebrate its arrival. Halloween-day coincided with the end of our press launch, and our GPS artist drove like a bat out of hell to produce an apt image of epic proportions.”

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Behind the wheel was pioneering GPS artist Jeremy Wood. The creation of the image required a combination of drawing, travelling and technology to make the artwork happen on a large scale.

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Using the Corsa’s GPS receiver, over 264,000 positions were recorded. These were then linked together like a virtual dot-to-dot, where Great Britain was the canvas.

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Mr Wood completed the drawing in just over a month, covering more ground than the average motorist would in a year. When the journeys used to link the images are included, which are not included in the drawing, the Corsa covered 9,750 miles. It averaged at 221 miles each day, consumed 961 litres of petrol and achieved 45 miles per gallon. Another fun fact is that Mr Wood also drove the entire distance bare foot.

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