Electrified supercars are becoming increasingly common and this study has revealed some interesting stats

Electric cars are often considered to be tame, frugal and more often than not, rather boring. However, that’s all changing with each supercar manufacturer turning to hybrid and full-electric drivetrains for more explosive power and breathtaking delivery.

In recent years, legendary supercars such as the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder have all used the power of electricity along with thunderous combustion power to make them even quicker than the competition. Interest is growing with electrified supercars and a new study has confirmed just that.

EV Supercar Capital of The WORLD

Research done by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has revealed which electrified supercars are the most in-demand and also which country is the world’s electric supercar capital, according to Google search data from 152 countries.

Oddly, Miami is the world’s electric supercar capital, showing the most interest according to Google data, and not by a small margin either!

Ranking:City:Monthly Searches:
#1Miami, USA649,256
#2London, UK187,504
#3Berlin, Germany137,800
#4Istanbul, Turkey87,710
#5Sao Paulo, Brazil74,611
#6Toronto, Canada69,327
#7Milan, Italy67,210
#8Sydney, Australia64,695
#9Madrid, Spain56,012
#10Amsterdam, Netherlands55,000
Source: https://www.nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk/car-leasing/electric-hybrid/the-worlds-most-popular-electric-cars
EV Supercar Capital of The WORLD

With an astonishing result of almost 650,000 monthly Google searches for electric supercars, people in Miami clearly have their eyes set on an electric or hybrid supercar.

London lands in second place with over 187,000 monthly searches and quite unexpectedly, Amsterdam sits at the bottom of the top 10 list with just 55,000 monthly searches, despite being one of the biggest EV advocates in the world in terms of proportional sales figures. Then again, the population size is around 10% of London’s.

EV Supercar Capital of The WORLD

Further data analysis also revealed the most sought-after electrified supercar in the world, taking Google search volume data consisting of 44 different supercar models, all of which either electric or hybrid.

To not much surprise, the BMW i8 came out on top with over 828,000 monthly searches, beating cars like the Tesla Roadster, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari by significant margins.

EV Supercar Capital of The WORLD
Ranking:Model:Monthly Searches:
#1BMW i8828,154
#2Tesla Roadster399,451
#3McLaren P1269,356
#4Honda NSX196,315
#5Aston Martin Valkyrie116,552
#6Ferrari LaFerrari75,817
#7Lamborghini Sian59,692
#8Porsche 918 Spyder59,542
#9Lotus Evija54,175
#10McLaren Speedtail45,555
Source: https://www.nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk/car-leasing/electric-hybrid/the-worlds-most-popular-electric-cars

The BMW i8 is, after all, the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid sports car, usually exceeding the sales of all of its competitors combined. Then again, there’s not much in terms of competition in the PHEV sports car/supercar segment.

EV Supercar Capital of The WORLD

We imagine this will all change very quickly once the new Tesla Roadster becomes available for purchase.

Which electric supercar are you most interested in? Let us know, in the comments.

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