We’ve done some shaming recently by pointing out some of the worst things that have happened to the automotive industry, including footballers and movies. However, there are in fact some celebrities and famous people out there who have excellent taste in cars and boast collections that most of us can only dream about.

Maybe it’s the smell of spring in the air, but we’re feeling positive about people’s car choices, so we’ve decided to list you our top seven favourite celebrity automobiles . Do you agree with us? Or, is there another celebrity who has a serious eye for aerodynamics and performance in a perfect car? Then let us know what you think!


David Beckham’s Phantom Drophead

Okay, so we’ve gone back to footballers already, but we just had to prove that some of them actually know how to spend money on cars!

Who better to use a positive example than one Mr David Beckham, who has a vast array of vehicles in his various garages. One of his standout models for us however, is his custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead.

The Drophead is a foreboding presence on its own, but Beckham has had it customised with 24-inch Savini Forged wheels and his number 23 embroidered onto the seats. Classy.

Beckham's Rolls Royce


Prince Charles’ Aston Martin

Although he might not necessarily be thought of as a celebrity, Prince Charles is certainly one of the most famous people in Britain.


He’s also well known for his Aston Martin DB5, which runs on wine… cheese anyone? Rather than this being an aristocratic quirk, HRH is actually doing his bit for the environment, as biofuel producer Green Fuels produces ethanol from surplus vino that it buys from the English wine estate.

Apparently it averages ten miles a gallon, which is about four and a half bottles of wine per mile, ripping good stuff.



Nicholas Cage’s Ferrari

It wouldn’t be a celebrity list if there wasn’t a Ferrari on here, but this isn’t just any Ferrari, it’s an Enzo.

Named for the man who created it, the Ferrari Enzo was launched in 2002 with a six-litre 12-cylinder engine and Formula One credentials, it sure is one for those who look to live life in the fast lane. Perhaps Cage got some inspiration from his Gone in 60 Seconds days?

One thing these models certainly aren’t is cheap, as even a used Enzo will cost you around £2.1 million, we’ll go and see what change we have in the biscuit tin.


Kelly Rowland’s F-TYPE

Jaguar always manages to pull off style and performance that perfectly complement each other and never was this more true than for its F-TYPE model.

Kelly Rowland was among the many who were in the queue to pick up one of these models when it first came onto the market, and it’s hard to argue with her, the woman has taste!



Jay Leno and his hoard

For those of you who don’t know, Jay Leno is a very famous late night talk show host in America. He happens to be a massive collector of cars and has hundreds in his personal hoard, but he also has a YouTube channel called Jay Leno’s Garage, in which he discusses beautiful and expensive cars with other enthusiasts.


Although that might not sound great, it’s actually really worth a look, he’s about as fanatic as any one person can be and he has some serious cars in his arsenal.

A couple that stand out for us include an Ariel Atom, a McLaren P1, an LLC Rocket and a 1970s Citroen SM – we could go on.

Jay Leno


Floyd Mayweather’s Lamborghini Aventador

How could we mention a Ferrari without bringing up the rivalling Lamborghini brand? These models are another staple among the rich and famous, after all, Rod Stewart has one.

But, it’s Floyd Mayweather – another serious car fan – and his Lamborghini Aventador that we’re talking about now.

Lamborghinis are among some of the fastest road cars in the world, particularly the Aventador. However, if you’ve ever seen a video of someone unskilled trying to park one, you’ll know that they can be a bit of a mischief, as well as a drain on the insurance… not that Mayweather is worrying about that too much.

Lamborghini Aventador


Katy Perry with an Audi

Okay, so it might not be the most exciting or expensive car on the list, but we like an Audi and we particularly like that Katy Perry has an A5.

Audi’s are efficient, reliable and don’t forget that their quattro technology means that they’re never too far away from the world of motorsport racing.

Audi A5

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  1. Phil Meadows

    Of the featured cars, the Lamborghini Aventador and Aston Martin DB5 are My favourites. If I had the money My personal preference would be a Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole. Until I win the lottery, I’ll keep driving My Mk1 Toyota MR2 T-bar, a modern classic at an affordable price.


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