When a supercar gains one world record its something to shout about, so what do you do when you are a Koenigsegg Agera RS and have achieved that world record? You go and get some more…

koenigsegg agera rs world record

The Agera RS is a Swedish produced mid-engined sports car built by Koenigsegg, and 7 years ago Top Gear Magazine named it ‘Hypercar of the Year’. Originally, the Agera RS was given a 4.7-litre V8 but this was replaced with a Koenigsegg developed 5-litre twin turbo-charged V8 when the car went into production. It’s not surprising that the Agera breaks records, as the car produces around 1160bhp with maximum torque of 1,280 Nm from a pretty lightweight (as in its actual weight!) engine that tips the scales at a svelte 434 pounds due to its aluminium build and carbon fibre inlet manifold. 0-62mph is achievable in 3 seconds, while 0-124mph takes the Agera just 13.5 seconds. Altogether, the car’s curb weight is just 1,295kg. Impressive figures.

The car is clearly designed with an eye firmly on track performance but still manages to be a capable and comfortable performer on the road as well.

koenigsegg agera rs world speed record

Last month, one of these limited edition beasts producing around 1,360bhp rocketed from 0-249mph and back to zero in a mere 36.44 seconds – but this November, the same car has now broken that record again in just 33.29 seconds. The breakdown of this is interesting; the 0-249mph was managed in just 24 seconds, stopping the beast took 9.29 seconds (over around 499 metres) and the classic quarter mile was completed in a sub 10 second time.

It didn’t end there: over two runs the supercar managed an average top speed of 277.87mph making it the fastest production car in the world (Guinness approval pending), and a must-have if you’re always late on the school run. So if 277.87mph was the average, what was the actual top speed you may be wondering? Well, read on.

koenigsegg agera rs world speed record side

In January 1938 Rudolf Caracciola set a world record for the highest average speed (the flying kilometre) on a public road on the German Autobahn in a Mercedes Benz W125. The W125 reached 268mph. He also achieved the record for the highest average speed (flying mile) at 268.74mph. These records have stood for an impressively long time, but now the all-conquering Koenigsegg Agera RS has broken both of them. The Agera broke the flying kilometre with a speed of 276.9mph and the flying mile with a speed of 276.36mph.

koenigsegg agera rs world record nevada

The Agera also took a further record that had stood for a long time – that of the highest actual speed ever recorded on a public road. This was another record set by the Mercedes W125 Rekordwagen which the Koenigsegg Agera RS, driven by factory driver Niklas Lilja, broke with a top speed of 284.55mph. The Agera record happened on a closed public road in Nevada. Interesting to note that the Y rated Michelin tyres that the Koenigsegg used are only rated up to 186mph.

Whether Guinness do officially recognise this achievement remains to be seen, as no representatives from Guinness were present and the evidence comes courtesy of the in-car Racelogic VBOX data logging system. Regardless of this, it’s a very impressive performance, and Koenigsegg are already talking about bettering the efforts with a 1479bhp Regera…

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