MG has unveiled an all-new electric supercar concept at the Shanghai International Automotive Show.

Lazily named the ‘MG E-motion’, the car represents the brand’s vision for the future with a slender sportsback-style design that boasts a starlight matrix front grille and headlights – inspired by the London Eye – and vertical tail lights.

MG E-motion rear side

In terms of performance, it’s mighty quick, with its pure electric powertrain capable of hurtling the car from a standstill to 62mph in under four seconds. Not only that, but the car can cover more than 310 miles on a single charge.

We don’t have much more detail on the drivetrain but with that kind of pace, it’s safe to assume that it has an all-wheel drive system with an individual electric motor driving each wheel.

MG E-motion above

Inside, the E-motion’s dashboard is defined by an intelligent internet-enabled infotainment system, something which MG believes will make it more appealing to a younger market.

A spokesman for MG Motor UK said: “The MG E-motion electric supercar concept demonstrates our global vision for the future. Alongside leading the way in design and capability, the next-generation model is the latest step in achieving the ultimate driving experience.

MG E-motion

“The Shanghai International Automotive Show highlights our progress and capabilities, while further new models will continue this future-thinking strategy, embracing innovation to deliver groundbreaking vehicles for the drivers of tomorrow.”


MG E-motion side

It’s a weird one with MG; they are one of the fastest growing car makers in the UK, selling 4,192 new cars in 2016, marking a 33 per cent rise on the previous year.

That increase is down to the simple fact that they’re pumping out cars that British buyers actually want, with the GS SUV and MG3 supermini combining style and affordability, rather than the vastly sub-par MG6 saloon.

MG E-motion rear

But at the same time, 2016 saw them turn their backs on the UK, at least in a production capacity, as the Chinese-owned brand shut down its last remaining car plant.

Still, it was hard to imagine the modest brand emerging with a concept this ambitious 12 months ago, so MG is clearly heading in the right direction.

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