Footballers do many great things, even people who aren’t fans of the sport have to appreciate that they have some serious skills. Of course, it’s Leicester at the moment who are topping the tables and making dreams and breaking hearts because of that.

However, we all know that footballers are also brilliant at dashing hopes both on and off the pitch. One very unique way that footballers can ruin people’s days is by destroying some beautiful and expensive cars on a whim. We’ve picked out the seven best worst things that footballers have decided to do to their cars, which teaches all of us a valuable lesson on how not to spend a lot of money.

Mario Balotelli double troule, Range Rover Evoque & Bentley GT

Ah Mario, tripping the light fantastique all the way from Liverpool to AC Milan (for the time-being) and spending too much money, as is evidenced by his 2012 gold-plated Range Rover Evoque. There have been several iterations of the Evoque since its inauguration in 2011 and it’s the most successful model in Land Rover’s range thanks to its tech kit, aesthetics and powerful engines.

Balotelli Evoque

So obviously, Mario sees all of this and reckons that there’s only one thing to do to make it better and that’s to gold plate the car. Thanks for the laughs Mario, but you owe car fans everywhere an apology. Mr Mario also decided to desecrate a Bentley GT by covering it in camouflage wrap. That’s a £100,000 car that is driving around, attempting to blend into the surroundings, by being as ostentatious as possible.

Balotelli Bentley

Steven Ireland’s Bentley GTC

Technically this car wasn’t for Steven himself, but was a gift for his talented WAG Jessica Lawlor way back in 2009. We’re aware that this was some time ago, but there’s no forgetting this car and we can’t forgive him for it. Steve chose a soft top GTC that was decked out in the red and white colours of his at-the-time rival of Manchester United. Of course, now he plays for Stoke City, it’s less of an issue, apart from the fact that the car is hideous.

Steven Ireland Bentley

It’s not so much the outside of the model, but he also spent a fortune putting her initials on the interior leather work and modified the wheel rims. All of his changes brought the final price tag up to £260,000, which resulted in a stunning convertible chav-mobile.

William Gallas’ chrome-wrapped Mercedes SLR

How do you let people know that not only have you arrived to the party, but you’ve made it as a success in the world? With a chrome-wrapped Mercedes SLR… or not. It seems like 2009 was a bad year for luxury cars, as this was when William made the heinous choice to make his Mercedes fully reflective.

Mercedes SLR

According to The Sports Mash, the wrap cost him £8,000, which could have bought him a luxury pizza from Waitrose every evening for 2,000 nights. Alternatively, he could have bought 12,907 Cadbury’s Double Decker chocolate bars, or he could have just set his money on fire. Any of those options would have been better really.

Djibril Cisse’s Chrysler 300c

You could argue that Djibril isn’t really in the same league as the other footballers in this article with his modifications, as the personal touch he gave his Chrysler 300c was a portrait of his daughter, which was put on the bonnet of this model.

Cisse 300C

In a sense this sort of makes the car a limited edition, but at the same time, it’s also highly embarrassing when your dad picks you up from school with a picture of yourself emblazoned on the front of his car.

Jermaine Pennant’s Aston Martin DBS

Jermaine is criminal when it comes to cars, after all he did manage to rack up a parking fine of more than £400 after he left his Porsche parked outside a Spanish train station for an inordinate amount of time. But, everyone thought he made an excellent choice after he bought a black Aston Martin DBS back in 2011.

Jermaine DBS

However, all was not to end well, as he took a leaf from William Gallas and wrapped the whole thing in chrome plating. We’re not sure why chrome seems to be a trend with footballers, perhaps vanity? Whatever the reason, it needs to stop, especially on genuinely stunning models like the Aston Martin DBS.

Do you agree or disagree with our opinions on these cars? Or have you seen a worse car that has been tainted with a footballer’s brush? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Images: Daily Mail, Chrysler-300C, YouTube.

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