There’s always a buzz around a new vehicle from TVR. One way or another, the long running company (founded as far back as 1947 you might be surprised to hear) has a reputation for producing interesting vehicles.

Prior to a public reveal in September, the British company is to show its new super-sports coupe to the small group of admirers who have already agreed to purchase the new car.

2017 TVR Super Sports artwork

Since TVR fell under the ownership of TVR Automotive Ltd in 2013, the company has done a lot to curry favour with its client base. In 2014 the TVR Genuine Parts initiative must have come as blessed relief to many owners, as the initiative should guarantee the continuing manufacture of parts for classic TVR vehicles through a new company, TVR Parts Ltd, enabling older vehicles to remain on the road.

2017 TVR Super Sports sketch

TVR followed this up with a teasing announcement the following year of a new V8 Cosworth front-engined vehicle as part of its 10 Year Plan…

TVR super-sports coupe

The TVR super-sports coupe is a 200 miles per hour 2-seater beast packing a V8 engine under its bonnet – and if you’ve paid your deposit, you qualified for an exclusive invite to one of a series of secret weekend launches unveiling the sports car to around 30 of the privileged few at a time.

2017 TVR Super Sports London showroom

TVR are taking this launch process all teasingly seriously, even to the extent of asking those invited to sign confidentiality agreements. TVR also displayed a covered concept version at the London Motor Show. Great publicity stunts that certainly peaks the anticipation.

These secret TVR reveals sound like an exciting appetite whetter for those who have committed to buying, with the car’s designers being present to talk the group through the completely new mechanics of the car and its aerodynamics.

2017 TVR Super Sports coupe cutaway

Building anticipation before the vehicle itself is revealed, the invitees also get to hear about the car’s target performances; like that V8 Cosworth engine with more than 400bhp and a 0-60mph of less than 4 seconds as it speeds onwards to it’s top speed of 200mph.

The completely new design of the super-coupe is part of the reason for the detailed overview, with the weekend reveals designed to show off “the beauty of the car” according to TVR Chairman, Les Edgar.

2017 TVR Super Sports sketch

Indeed, this is a good point, as the new TVR is not just a slight body style change to an existing model, the car has, as Edgar puts it, required the engineering and design team to start from scratch with a set brief.

The brief was that the car was to be British ‘in every way’ while remaining true to the company’s DNA.  Along with this, the car was required to be a 2-seater powered by a front-engined V8.

2017 TVR Super Sports

When can we expect to see the car?

For the rest of us mere mortals, we will have to wait for the big official reveal of the TVR rear-wheel drive super-coupe in September – maybe at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

If all this has tempted you, the Launch Edition of the super-coupe will be a limited run only and will set you back around £90,000.

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