One of the most anticipated events in the motoring calendar is rapidly approaching, with some of the world’s hottest new vehicles descending on Tokyo.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the event will showcase a number of new models from the Far-East’s most notable manufacturers.

However, Suzuki has released the most ambitious of models to be displayed at the biennial event, demonstrating the future of the brand’s design blueprints.

Under the brand’s theme for this year; “Let’s Create a Brand New Story”, Suzuki has turned a page in its vehicle offering that is set to make many an exhibition-goer’s head turn.

First up is the Crosshiker, Suzuki’s all new interpretation of the compact crossover. It has built on the earlier G70, a concept revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 and the Geneva motor show in 2012. The Crosshiker has taken away the unsightly snub nose and increased the overall size and weight.

Suzuki Crosshiker

However, it still maintains the top environmental performance of its predecessor with a newly developed one-litre three-cylinder engine.

The concept design is rather bizarre in its aesthetic, as it delivers an odd meld of a Renault Megane top half and the bottom of burly 4×4.

Moving on, we come to the Suzuki X-Lander, the manufacturer’s latest model that will attempt to transcend the city and field environments.

X-Lander Concept

With the top down, the car looks like a more robust beach buggy and more than harks back to the brand’s veteran Jimny design. The 1.3-litre engine comes with automatically controlled manual transmission and a highly-efficient motor.

It looks like the most fun of the entire offering from Suzuki and could prove successful in the global market.

Next up is the Hustler and its sibling the Hustler Coupe. It is, in all honesty, a box on wheels. It looks like something a child would cobble together in a primary school art class when tasked with making a model vehicle out of a tissue-box and an empty packet of mini multi-pack cereal.

Suzuki Hustler concept

It’s an odd looking machine. It’s coupe version retains the boxy image but with a slightly more stylish rear-end. This addition doesn’t really improve it hugely though.

Described as a “new-genre minicar”, the model is intended to help complement the active lifestyle of people who enjoy nature, the outdoor and sports. Or boxes.

Suzuki Hustler Coupe concept

However, if it makes it to full commission, drivers will benefit from a roomy and comfortable interior in addition to a number of SUV touches.

Finally, the iV-4 has already had designs launched but it will make its full Japanese debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.


This rather more attractive model is a standard 4×4 design and while it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it is still of a rugged and eye-catching model in cool-blue colouring.

Under the “Grab Your Field” concept, the car is intended to allow drivers to pursue a number of pastimes and lifestyles, incorporating four-wheel drive and an ALLGRIP system. The car is expected for a European release in 2015.

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