Tesla has recently revealed its all-new electric pick-up, awesomely called the ‘Cybertruck’!

Looking like it was designed with a protractor by someone who really paid attention in maths lessons at school, the all-electric Tesla Cybertruck is proving to be a visual winner. About the only things on the outside that aren’t angled are the tyres – and I bet a brief conversation was had about those too.

I think we can generally agree that we have come to appreciate what we would deem to be ‘attractive car design’ as sweeping curves, yet somehow the Tesla Cybertruck manages to break the mould and still look strangely attractive – or at least eye-catching – and workable at the same time.

The Cybertruck at first glance could be a beefy Mad Max inspired hatchback, yet it is, in fact, a pick-up truck. This is not a concept though – Tesla has already taken advance pre-orders for the angular beast to the tune of 187,000 in just three days since launch, according to Elon Musk – despite a big publicity launch that didn’t go quite as well as expected, when the Cybertruck’s windows shattered during a durability demonstration. Awkwardness is all in a day’s work for Elon Musk though, and the setback has clearly not taken away from the overall wow factor that the Cybertruck has so far provided.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric pick-up

The Tesla Cybertruck has an exoskeleton of stainless steel that the company claim to be dent resistant, a claim ably backed up at the launch with the subtle use of a sledgehammer. Video evidence was also shown of a 9mm round merely denting the bodywork and not actually penetrating all the way through. If these claims stack up to further scrutiny, it certainly opens up many possible eventual destinations for the Cybertruck, where protection may be a big desire. Furthering the indication that Tesla has looked at possible use in unsafe or unstable security situations, the Cybertruck has an adjustable air suspension that can be jacked up to give 16-inches ground clearance, along with impressive off-road stats of a 34-degree approach plus a 28-degree departure angles.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric pick-up

Inside, the Cybertruck features an onboard compressor as well as an 110/220v power supply. There is space for 6 adults with a 3-up-front seating arrangement – and yes, even the seats are angular; as might you be once you find yourself squeezed into one of those rear seats for any length of time. Headroom may prove to be tight to say the least. The angularity extends to the steering wheel too, with a gamer-friendly affair that looks more Formula 1 than traditional pick-up. It has to be said that the interior itself has not been revealed in the flesh so far apart from digital renderings, so we will have to wait and see what the actual interior will look like.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric pick-up

The rear drop-down was revealed though, and I can’t help but be reminded of my printer’s pull out concertinaed paper tray that receives the printed product. In the Tesla Cybertruck’s case, the rear drop-down allows such items as quad bikes to be easily transported.

Sometimes when such a vehicle appears, we can get too hung up on the hype and looks and the important bits can get a bit lost. Yet in this case, Tesla can provide some equally impressive figures for the Cybertruck. There will be three available versions: a rear-wheel-drive option with a 250-mile range and a single motor, an all-wheel-drive option with a 300-mile range and two motors, and an all-wheel-drive option with a 500-mile range provided by three motors. The pricing is quite impressive too, with option 1 coming in at £31,000, option 2 at £39,000 and the big range option 3 at £54,000. Add on fully autonomous self-drive technology for a further £5,800.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric pick-up

The Tesla Cybertruck can be expected to hit streets and battle zones no earlier than the rear end of 2021.

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