Tesla’s influence in the electric vehicle (EV) market is undeniable and if you needed any more data to convince you, look no further.

Ever since the ever-dominant Tesla Inc. released the Model 3, it has dominated in pretty much every country it’s available in. In the US, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, this little all-electric saloon has performed exceptionally well in sales and also in interest.

Tesla Model 3 Revealed as UK's Most Popular Electric Car

Offering the same incredible autopilot technologies found in the more expensive Tesla Model S and X, the Model 3 offers the top-tier tech you would expect from a Tesla at a more affordable price.

Tesla Model 3 Revealed as UK's Most Popular Electric Car

That being said, with it being priced at around £40,000 in the UK, it’s certainly nowhere near as affordable as other EVs such as the Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe or Honda e. Nonetheless, the Model 3 is still the most sought-after electric car in the UK and the world, according to research by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

The research suggests that there are 1,852,356 monthly searches on Google for the Model 3, placing it at the number one spot with second place, the Nissan Leaf, not even coming close with 565,689 searches. The company analysed Google search volume data for 74 electric vehicles models across 152 countries. 

Tesla Model 3 Revealed as UK's Most Popular Electric Car

The stats were then broken down by country to see exactly where the Model 3 dominated and the answer was…well, a lot of places. Among the UK, the Tesla Model 3 also generated the most interest in most of North America, most of Africa, Australasia, China, India and a lot of Europe including Italy, Germany, France, Norway and Sweden.

Is the Model 3 top of your list of desirable electric cars? Let us know in the comments!

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