The very best articles from Motor-Vision in 2018

It’s time to look back and celebrate some of the biggest Motor-Vision articles of last year. What was it in 2018 that had our readers excited, riled up or nodding in agreement? Let’s find out…

We called the Honda NSX overrated. Not everyone agreed.

Yellow Honda NSX

Our “Overrated” series sure was a hit in 2018 and the NSX feature seemed to attract a lot of readers.

It was a bold move, but we stand by it. The car is an undeniable cult classic and a jdm icon for sure, however its amazingness has been blown a tad out of proportion. The interior is bland and unimaginative, the exhaust note is comparable to a civic and when you put your foot down, it fails to take your breath away. The whole car just seems to be too well-behaved, there’s not enough wildness for it to have such a stellar reputation.

These strong views are exactly why so many people reacted to this article, with most reactions being angry. We’re sorry! But as long as we’ve got you talking about cars, we’ve done our job because whether you agree or disagree, there’s nothing better than a good old car-based debate!

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We swooned over a rally legend, the MG Metro 6R4

MG metro 6R4 Side 2

“Birthed in the middle of the golden era of rallying, the MG Metro 6R4 took the quirky, iconic and rather sheepish body of the Metro and transformed it into a Frankenstein-like beast made to compete in the short-lived Group B category of rallying.”

Although it’s an old car and today’s youth won’t even know of its existence, it seems there’s still a large cult appreciation for this little pocket rocket. The sound of this beast charging through the hills of some countryside location during the Group B era truly was an unforgettable scene. If you never had the honour of experiencing this event, the YouTube videos can give you an idea of the 6R4’s sheer power, nimbleness and style.

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We showed you the Lister “Thunder” – a modified 666hp Jaguar F-Type

Lister Thunder

This was Lister’s fastest, most powerful and luxurious car ever and boy did it look amazing.

Just like Brabus and Mercedes, Lister takes Jaguar cars and puts them on steroids. For the F-Type, Lister added custom-made carbon fibre front and rear bumpers, carbon exhaust tips and of course an expertly tuned 5.0L V8 engine which made 666hp.

Only 99 models were produced and sold for a whopping £140,000 each, which is a large jump from the £50k price tag Jaguar’s F-Types start at. The LFT-666 (AKA Thunder) is one pretty beast as well thanks to its green and black theme expressed in the stitching, callipers and bumper trim.

One of our readers loved it so much that he commented this on our Facebook post: “I need to sell the kids quick I need to have this as my daily drive🤣”

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We told you that the Ferrari 488 GTO would be the fastest road car they’ve made yet

Ferrari 488 GTO

If you love your Ferraris then you would have loved to hear about their new 488 GTO from us back in January 2018. 0-60mph in about 2.5 seconds, this was one hot supercar around its release. We always love to report on the latest going on’s in the supercar world and the 488 GTO was no exception.

“It won’t be caught short in the lightweight carbon fibre department either, becoming the Ferrari production model with the most carbon fibre anywhere, ably aiding the company’s strength and weight saving quest. Expect carbon bumpers, carbon spoiler and carbon bonnet on the exterior and carbon dashboard inside. There’s even been talk in some quarters that the supercar may sport 40 per cent lighter 20-inch carbon wheels too, along with thinner glass and weight-saving lighter ceramic brakes to help the car’s weight loss to fall substantially below the GTB’s 1,370kg. Expect the cabin to be sparse and stripped of all but the minimum essentials too.”

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We told you about McLaren’s MSO X, a road-legal race car

McLaren MSO X

“After mirroring the external appearance of the 570S GT4 race car as closely as possible, the hand-assembled MSO X cars are finished in accordance with race car design practice and all have liveries inspired by McLaren F1 GTR endurance race cars of the mid-1990s. A fully functional ‘gooseneck’ carbon-fibre roof snorkel for enhanced induction airflow, inspired by the 1997 F1 GTR Longtail, delivers a unique cockpit sound.”

It can be hard keeping up with all of McLaren’s supercars as they all look similar and the names are nothing more than random numbers and letters. Stick with us and you’ll be able to keep your head straight with the McLarens.

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