The Czinger 21C is a 1,233bhp V8 monster of a hypercar, and you will be able to see this one-plus-one seater in the UK at the Savile Row Concours over 2 days from 15 June until Thursday 16 June. The event is active on each day from 10am until 8pm, where more than 40 cars from across the globe will be displayed.

The American made Czinger looks like every Scalextric racer you ever owned as a child, a glass aircraft-style cockpit that sits in the centre of a sports car that looks built for racing. It’s not necessarily the type of vehicle you might expect to see in the UK, but thanks to an official retail deal struck with HR Owen, the prestige and luxury car supplier based in Chelsea, London, it’s time for Czinger to show us Brits the 21C.

The Czinger 21C manages to walk the walk as well as looking the part, having recently beaten the Circuit of the Americas lap record previously held by the McLaren P1 by a full 6 seconds. If you think that might have been a fluke, or a one-off, then take note that the 21C also took another record away from McLaren when it broke the Laguna Seca Raceway lap record beating the McLaren Senna’s time by 2.18 seconds. Both of these occasions concerned Czinger 21C production models; not good days for McLaren. Czinger’s Chief Engineer, Ewan Baldry, has suggested that more record attempts will be in the offing too. In the meantime, apart from Savile Row, you will also find the Czinger 21C at the more expected venue of the excellent Pebble Beach Monterey Car Week in August.

Interestingly, while we are always expecting concept vehicles to become much watered down by the time they hit production, Czinger appears to have headed in the opposite direction. Jens Sverdrup, Czinger’s Chief Commercial Officer, has stated that so much changed between concept and production, that the company had to file a further 100-plus patents for the production model – they had already filed 350 for the Czinger concept…

Part of the Czinger’s high level of performance and ease at which it seems to be blowing the opposition away is of course in part down to that twin-turbocharged 2.88-litre V8 engine and the whopping 1,233bhp – an engine said to have been based visually on a high-end Patek Philippe automatic watch (check one out via the display case back), but take into account that the extremely lightweight carbon-fibre and aluminium chassis means the Czinger 21C weighs in at just 1240kg and you begin to see the hypercar’s enormous potential. It runs on bio-methanol fuel by the way but is also capable of a range of 12 miles on pure electric power alone, thanks to Formula 1 sourced battery power.

Up front, the Czinger gets twin 150bhp electric front axle motors to help achieve that impressive bhp figure. Of course, if you think that 1,233bhp isn’t enough (maybe you’re often late for work) then you can get an additional power kit that increases bhp by 100.

OK, so now to the nitty gritty – potential buyers will be able to choose from a choice of two variations; a low drag configuration for maximum speed, or the high downforce option for grip. The latter for example, will give a claimed top speed of 281mph and will take 1.9 seconds to reach 62mph from standstill. If you really want a rollercoaster ride, then the Czinger will get you from zero to 186mph and back to zero again in just 13.8 seconds. I honestly don’t think I’ve covered a car for Motor Vision with such impressive figures before. But it doesn’t end there, as Czinger says that it is seriously considering a non-road-legal track car with even more power.

You might be wondering by now when you can see this impressive car available for sale. Well as you might imagine, global homologation is going to take some time, meaning the hypercar probably won’t be available to buy until sometime in 2023. It will be a limited edition of course, with just 80 units available to purchase at a cost of around £1.5 million.


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