Turn your whip into a work of art that your neighbours will hate!

So you got your hands on a Fiesta? Well, it’s your duty as an owner to fully embrace the Fiesta life and make your whip look as 100 emoji as possible. Pimp My Ride may no longer be on TV but we’re here to ensure that your inspiration doesn’t run dry. Follow our advice and we promise that you’ll be king of the Asda car park at your next meet. 

Crackle remap

Crackle remap (1)

For absolutely lit sounds, get a pop and bang remap for your Fiesta. Crackle maps are the most respected remaps amongst the car enthusiast community and that’s a fact. Not only can you make your 1.0-litre EcoBoost sound like a V12 Lamborghini but you can also disturb your neighbours every time you leave or return home. That’s how you gain their respect.

The pop and bang remap is a guaranteed head-turner as well. We’ve found that driving around town with this mod attracts the attention of basically everyone, and they all love it! The only problem with the crackle map is that it will only improve the sound of your car whilst decelerating. To improve the acceleration sounds, you’ll need to put a playing card in your spokes to emulate the sound of a roaring performance engine.

Nürburgring sticker

Ford Fiesta ST - Nürburgring sticker (2)

To make sure people know you’re a real car enthusiast, let it be known that you take your Fiesta to the track – and not just any track, the Nürburgring! Not only will this little sticker gain you great respect on the streets but it’s also said that it adds approximately 5 brake horsepower.


Ford Fiesta ST - Window Tint (3)

As Paul Walker once said, only focus on what’s in front of you. By that, he meant apply limo tint to your rear windows so that you can’t see the cars behind you eating your dust.

Not only does the tint make your car look more aggressive, but it can also make you look more important as it mimics the aesthetic usually found on vehicles that transport VIPs such as celebrities, world leaders and the Men in Black.


Ford Fiesta ST - Subwoofer (4)

Unfortunately, the stock sound system found in the Ford Fiesta is pretty lacklustre. If you want your ride to sound particularly sweet whilst playing the latest bangers, a decent subwoofer is a must.

Remember, when it comes to buying subwoofers it’s just like AJ Tracey songs on your playlist – the more, the better. Fill your boot up with new sound tech because you don’t need the space anyway. Your Fiesta wasn’t made for doing the weekly shop or taking your family on holiday, it was made for mad skidz, sick blips and wicked rips.

Ford Fiesta ST - Subwoofer (5)

Also, weighing the boot down will give the rear wheels better traction allowing for a better launch. It’s a no-brainer!

Debadge your car to go incognito

Slip under the radar and debadge your car. Make your car unidentifiable with the finishing touch of removing your Fiesta badging altogether. If you’ve followed our other steps up to this point, then your car could even be mistaken for a Ford GT, once the badge is removed.

Ford Fiesta ST - Debadge your car to go incognito (6)

With the sweet sounds of crackling pipes, the sporty aesthetic and that untamable speed, your debadged Fiesta EcoBoost could easily be taken for a range-topping ST.

Removing the badge will also improve the balance of the car and therefore improve handling. For some reason, Ford only apply the Fiesta badging to one side of the car and the weight can ruin the car’s engineered 50:50 left-right weight distribution. Removing the ‘Fiesta’ badge aesthetically cleans up the back, reduces weight and improves balance.


Ford Fiesta ST - Stance (7)

Last but not least you need to stance your car.

Impracticality is cool. Just think about how cool supercar owners look when they’re struggling to get out of car parks or over speed bumps. The fact that their car can’t get over speed bumps and that yours can is the ultimate flex.

Stancing can be interpreted as many things but we’re going to focus on two modifications; lowering your Fiesta and adding wheel camber. Get it nice and low to tighten up airflow and improve aerodynamics and camber the wheels so that it looks like an elephant sat on top of your car.

To add to the look, get your ride on some deep dish rims, buy some low profile tyres and stretch them until it looks like the alloys are sitting on rubber bands. If you can fit a piece of paper between the wheel arch then you’ve got too much gap!

Ford Fiesta ST - Stance (8)

We hope you appreciate our modification suggestions and that they bring you many turned heads and fire emojis in the years to come. Although these were written for the Fiesta gang, they can be applied to any other car, whether it’s a Corsa, Clio or even a Ka.

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