The all-new EQS SUV is the realised vision of Mercedes’ electric future.

Mercedes-Benz’s all-new EQS SUV has been revealed and the details are incredibly impressive.

Following on from the design of the ultra-luxurious all-electric EQS saloon, the SUV version of the EQS is just as impressively technological, powerful and luxurious. Starting with the design, this SUV tries to achieve a similar level of aerodynamic achievement as the EQS saloon by using ultra-smooth lines shaped to slip through the air, a smooth underbody and a radiator shutter that is usually closed.

Being an SUV, by nature, it will not be able to achieve the same drag coefficient as the saloon. Interestingly, Mercedes have not yet adopted the tiny camera mirrors as seen in other cars such as the Audi e-tron which would help reduce drag by quite a margin.

Not much else can be said about the rather non-descript exterior other than it looks better than the EQS saloon. The aesthetic is very nonthreatening, perhaps even calming, with rounded front and rear lights, no sharp angular edges and an undeniable road presence thanks to its mammoth size of roughly 5.1 x 2 x 1.7 metres (length, width, height).

The real pride of the EQS SUV lies within. Taking a journey to the interior of this 7-seat electric SUV, occupants are greeted by what Mercedes describes as an ‘avant-garde’ luxury space. The showstopping piece is the MBUX Hyperscreen, a large curved multi-screen console stretching from the driver’s seat, across the middle to the other side where the front passenger would be. Three high-res OLED screens make up this grand display. The passenger screen is able to display ‘dynamic’ content to watch in European markets and a number of others, with a smart feature of automatic screen dimming if the car detects the driver is also watching what is displayed on the passenger screen.

The second row of seats can be electronically adjusted just like the driver and passenger seats and in European model versions, the EQS SUV is the first Merc that has seatbelt detection for rear seats, further promoting passenger safety. The Mercedes’ ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL uses HEPA filters to deliver purified air to occupants and the Dolby Atmos sound system delivers a ‘new level’ of audio with individual instruments or voices from a song able to be placed at points around the listening area for the ultimate experience.

The EQS SUV is rear-wheel drive as standard with all-wheel drive available in 4MATIC versions which will also feature an intelligent Torque Shift function to deliver continuously smooth torque distributed appropriately between the front and rear for optimal efficiency and power delivery in a range of scenarios.

Despite being an ultra-luxurious SUV, Mercedes-Benz appears proud to announce that the EQS SUV is produced in a 100% CO2-neutral way, likely offset with carbon bonds. All in all, this is one epic SUV and we look forward to finding out more about it.

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