Don’t try and escape the cops off-road with this monster behind you!

The Ford Ranger Raptor is one mean-looking 4×4 and you certainly wouldn’t want to meet one at the end of a tight country road. Well now, criminals on the run can expect exactly that, with various police forces across the UK set to begin trialling the Ford Raptor and all of its off-road prowess, with South Wales Police being one of the first.

New Police Ford Raptor

Best known for being one of the best off-roading vehicles on the market, the Ford Ranger Raptor pickup truck has a top speed of around 106 mph and the twin-turbo engine can produce a whopping 500Nm of torque, perfect for egressing the thick muddy terrains we can find all around Britain’s countrysides.

New Police Ford Raptor

Luckily for us, Ford decided to take out the new Ford Raptor police truck for a little photoshoot and the new Ford Focus ST Estate came along as well. I mean, when you’re making such a cool-looking pickup such as the Raptor into a police car, why wouldn’t you take some cool photos before you give it away?

New Police Ford Raptor

Towering at 187 cm tall, or around 6 ft. 2 inches, the Ford Raptor has a serious presence about it and while the Ford Focus ST Estate is much quicker, it doesn’t quite have the same looming presence as the giant Raptor. Flared wheel arches, tow hooks and higher ground clearance than the standard Ford Ranger all add to the aggressive design and practicality of the Raptor pickup.

New Police Ford Raptor

The Raptor is, of course, four-wheel-drive and also has FOX shock absorbers and a strengthened chassis to make the car more durable, especially when pitted against rough terrain at high speeds. A 10-speed automatic transmission will allow the police to focus all of their attention on driving and should also provide a very smooth ride.

New Police Ford Raptor

If the officer behind the wheel finds themself in an off-road chase, the Ford Raptor’s ‘Baja’ mode is just a press of a button away. Named after the legendary Baja 1000 off-road race, this mode sets the Raptor’s engine and suspension up for tough terrain and high speed.

New Police Ford Raptor and Focus ST

All in all, there are six different driving modes available, each one specialising in a different terrain and driving style. Whether the Raptor has to face snow, mud, sand or the roads of South Wales, there’s a mode for it to do so with speed and finesse.

New Police Ford Raptor and Focus

Although the Police Raptor may be more of a hulking terrain-eater than a nippy speed demon, the Focus ST Estate makes up for what it lacks. It doesn’t look anywhere near as cool, but this police car is very capable, with a top speed of 155 mph and able to achieve 0-60 mph in under six seconds.

New Police Ford Focus ST Estate

We also get a rare look into the inside of a police car. Well, the buttons for the sirens, at least.

New Police Ford Raptor

We have to say well done to Ford’s Special Vehicle Preparation team for taking these fantastic photos. Oh, and for kitting out the cars to police spec.

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