Is this the greatest modern BMW M3? We think so.

The BMW M3 is one of the greatest sports car series ever created and is worshipped by overhyped Bimmer fans around the globe.


Take a decent saloon, add some horsepower, some German prestige and some marketing talk of ‘motorsport heritage’ and you’ve got yourself a future classic. This recipe has already worked to great success with two of the three M3s that are old enough to have become classics, with the E30 and E46 M3 now both being worth more than what they were worth when they were new back in the 80s and 00s respectively.


Now, it’s the E90’s turn to flower into an overhyped modern classic with a ludicrous price tag that’s been inflated by the artificial demand generated people that have watched the Fast & Furious films too many times.

All joking aside, the E90 M3 is one of the greatest M3s made by the Bavarian manufacturer for several reasons. Firstly, it’s the only M3 ever to have a V8 engine as standard. The E30 M3 had a 4-cylinder engine and basically all other M3s after that have had inline-6 engines. Not the E90 though!


The 4.0-litre V8 produces 414 horsepower, 295 lb-ft of torque and was available in a 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The V8 was so large that for once, in a modern performance car, the bonnet bulge was actually necessary. The huge, beefy V8 couldn’t physically fit under a standard 3 Series bonnet!


So, why would a V8 engine make it any more valuable? Well, we’ve got to a point in combustion engine technology where engines are now getting smaller and offering the same kinds of performance power in smaller, more compact engines. Where we once had an abundance of V8, V10 and even V12 performance cars, we are now seeing less and less of them. This is likely why the M3s after the E90 will never be V8 again, making this car potentially the only V8 M3 to have ever existed!

With the engine being completely different from a straight-6, it produces different sounds and has a different kind of performance. For instance, V8 engines are naturally balanced unlike V6 engines, making the power delivery that little bit smoother and V engines are also more compact and can help with a car’s weight distribution, allowing for better handling around a track.

The BMW E90 M3 was available in three stunning shapes. One being the E93 hardtop (also the only hardtop convertible 3 Series ever!) convertible and the other two being the E90 saloon and the E92 coupe shape.  Each was stunning in its own right but the E92 coupe M3 seems to be everybody’s favourite and it’s easy to see why. The sloping roofline and the sleek curves of the car have aged gracefully in the 13 years of its existence.


Right now is probably the perfect time for enthusiasts and car investors to grab themselves a low-mileage E92 M3. The earliest models have already been around for 13 years and the youngest examples will be 7 years old, meaning that wait another couple of years and these beauties will stop depreciating and begin to go up in price!


That being said, there are many things to consider. Firstly, thousands of them were made and you’ll have to research if they’re too common to become a classic. Secondly, if you’re doing this for financial gain the car may not be worth it. You’ll be spending money on insurance, tax, maintenance and fuel by owning and driving it. So in the end, when it has appreciated by £10,000, you will probably find that you’ve spent the same amount on just keeping it anyway.

So, will it make a classic? Based on its appearance, engine, performance and reputation I’d say almost definitely. We recommend buying one, convincing yourself it is not a silly, impulsive purchase and a total waste of money (because it may rise in value) and just enjoying it. Buy one now before they become £50k cars just like the E46 has!

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