The worst-looking concept cars that were ever designed, from recent years 

These strange concept cars are so awful that the only appropriate response to seeing them is “kill it before it lays eggs!”. Fortunately for our eyes, none of the cars you’re about to see ever made it to production, so you don’t have to worry about seeing any of these monstrosities out on the road. Still, it’s fun to look back on the results of some of the worst design ideas ever conceived in the motoring world, so here they are… 

Each car that we’re talking about here did manage to make it out of the CGI mockup phase, with at least one prototype being manufactured for real. How unfortunate… 

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept (2018 Beijing motor show)

It may be luxurious, but that doesn’t mean it looks nice. 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 1

From the front, this car looks semi-passable, but the rear of this car is where its true ugliness shines. For some reason, the car’s rear is saloon-style rather than hatchback, which just looks ridiculous on an SUV. The backend of the car also features a rear window that’s split into two panels and a badge that reads “Ultimate Luxury”. How classy. 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 2

To add to the ridiculousness of it, the chrome alloy wheels look like they’re from a rap video and the interior has a tea set in it!  

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 3

Lamborghini Egoista

Does Lamborghini realise that the Egoista concept car just looks like it was stolen from Hot Wheels? If it wasn’t for the choice of colour and the trident-shaped front end, this could have looked pretty cool. But instead, it looks like something from a Nerf advert; cheap, plastic and marketed to kids.

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 4

Plus, you can’t ignore the depressed-looking eyes at the front. The car just looks sad to exist. 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 5


Renault Zoe 2005 concept

Renault seem to be repeat offenders when it comes to atrocious concept cars. First up, the Zoe: 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 6

We may know the Renault Zoe as that moderately pretty EV that brought a truly low-cost option to the electric car market, but you probably didn’t know it used to be a lot uglier. This 2005 concept of the Zoe featured 3 seats, doors that slide open like they would on a van and a petrol engine. Luckily, Renault rethought the car for another 7 years before they release the Zoe we know today in 2012. 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 7

Renault Ellypse 

All of the seats can be folded down to leave a flush, empty cabin…but why? 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 8

The seats also look like they’re made of cardboard when they’re up. 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 10

Renault Deck’Up 

Who thought this was a good idea? 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 11

They took one of their vans and turned it into some sort of pickup truck. The only problem with it is that the truck bed itself can’t fit anything in it apart from 2 trendy stock photo models, as perfectly illustrated above. 

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 12

Renault Laguna 1990 concept

Ok, last one from Renault.  

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 14

It looks like someone at Renault has been watching too much Star Trek.  

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 15

Jeep Treo

This Jeep Treo concept car looks like a friendly robot dog. It’s a shame 7-year-old kids aren’t the ones buying the cars, otherwise, Jeep could have made a killing.  

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 16

Smart Crosstown

If you hate Smart cars, you’ll hate this even more. Honestly, I think this little mirror-shatterer takes home the crown for ugliest of them all.  

The Ugliest Concept Cars To Date 17

So there are some of the ugliest concept cars to grace this earth in recent years. Motor-Vision is not responsible for eye injury inflicted by this article. 

Let us know if we missed any hideous concept cars that need berating! 

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