This German powerhouse is a V10 beast, now available for under £7,000.

If you’re the kind of person who loves a ridiculous performance bargain then this car may be for you.

The second-generation Audi S8, produced between 2006 to 2010, was a stunning super saloon. Not only did it look spectacular and still looks incredibly smart by today’s standards, but it was also packing a monstrous V10 engine under the bonnet. The engine was shared with the Lamborghini Gallardo and in the Gallardo, it produced 493 horsepower. Unfortunately in the S8, the engine was slightly detuned and produced 444 hp, 49 hp less than it did in the Lamborghini. This change was done to increase the Audi S8’s fuel efficiency.

This 2006 Audi S8 Has A V10 Lambo Engine

The 5.2-litre engine isn’t technically a Lamborghini engine, but rather an engine made for Lamborghini by the VAG group that owns Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti and various other big car manufacturers. It’s very common for car manufacturers to share parts and Lamborghini’s will still be sharing parts with other VW-owned car manufacturers to this day.

The Lamborghini Gallardo’s version of the engine was also slightly smaller in terms of displacement. The S8 has the full-fat 5.2-litre displacement whereas the Gallardo had the diet, 5.0-litre version. Interestingly, this is because the amount of torque produced by the engine was simply too much for the Lamborghini to handle! That’s just how much of a beast the Audi S8 is.

For as little as £5,000, you could own a German super saloon that’s powerful, stylish, still looks modern and is full of comfort features that you’d expect to find in an ultra-luxurious car such as this. It won’t disappoint in any way…apart from fuel economy.

This 2006 Audi S8 Has A V10 Lambo Engine

If it’s the luxuries of it you’re interested in, you’ll be glad to hear that it comes with many odd and amazing features. Included are Audi-branded headphones, rear heated seats, built-in window visors, built-in TVs, extra thick windows for superior sound-proofing and the ability to charge your phone using the solar panel roof.

0-62 mph in 5 seconds, naturally aspirated engine, Quattro AWD technology – what’s not to love? High mileage examples can dip even lower than the £5,000 bracket, however, you can expect the engine to have lost a few horses in that time. That being said, even with reduced horsepower, deep swirl marks on the paint and a fair amount of stone chips, that V10 engine will still sound every bit just as incredible!

Let us know if you’d consider buying a cheap S8, in the comments!

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  1. Owen

    I own an S8 V10 for last 2 years with 100k now. I paid £10k at 93k and now worth <£8k. My daily driver. Cons: MPG 12 in town 23 on motorway. The longer I own it the less I care. Pros: Insanely fast. Looks great. Reliable.. Everything works. Aluminium. 4×4. Torque. Sound. Muscle car feel. Amazing over long distances. Great in town. They're super cool and super rare. People love it. Amazing cars and I will never sell it. In 20 years these are going to be iconic. No more super saloon v10s. I had to change bushings and air compressor… £3k.but that's it in 2 years. Buy one, they're great fun and reliable.

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