What we think of BMW’s new futuristic electric SUV

BMW’s take on the all-electric SUV is finally here and there’s plenty to talk about.

Although it is BMW’s first purpose-built electric SUV, there has already been one before it, the iX3. Unlike the iX, the iX3 was simply an electrified version of an already-existing SUV, the BMW X3. You could say all they did was strip out the engine of the X3 and replace it with batteries and electric motors. The all-new iX, however, has been built from the ground up as an all-electric SUV and will not be available with either petrol or diesel engines. Still, a rather confusing choice of name considering the similarity.

Thoughts On The New BMW iX

First and foremost, the first thing anyone will notice about the BMW iX is its bold design. Featuring a more angular design than its competitors (Mercedes EQC, Audi e-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace) the iX has taken a brave step towards the futuristic look. One could argue that this makes the car look more distinctive, memorable and interesting but on the other hand, a bolder design is bound to split opinions.

Thoughts On The New BMW iX

Featuring the new bigger and more vertical grille style as seen on the new 4 Series and M3, the iX’s kidney grilles are perhaps the most prominent feature on the car. If you didn’t like the new grille style already then you’re sure to loathe the grille on the iX because as with all EVs, the grille serves little to no purpose. There are no holes in it. Just one big fake grille.

Thoughts On The New BMW iX

Also on the exterior, a split roof design, thin front and rear lights, angular door handles and contoured bonnet all make the iX quite a cool looking SUV. Unfortunately, it suffers blue accents found on the side skirts, headlights, badge and rear bumper just to let us consumers know that this is in fact an electric car. Many would agree that it would look nicer without these blue touches, which, fortunately, will be possible to have in some specifications. Other than that, the design stays true to the concept, which in this case, is a good thing.

Thoughts On The New BMW iX

The interior is on a whole new level! Unlike the copy and past interiors seen throughout BMW’s main non-electric portfolio, the iX is the first to have a large, panoramic screen stretching from behind the steering wheel to the centre of the interior. All the buttons have been removed leaving the centre console much tidier.

Thoughts On The New BMW iX

As for performance, the iX is the real deal. 100 kWh battery, up to 380 miles of range and up to a whopping 523 hp in the top-spec xDrive50 M Sport model. Capable of 0-62 mph in just 4.6 seconds makes the iX only slower than the new M3 by less than a second. Also, despite it being an SUV, the iX has a drag coefficient of just 0.25 cd which will equate to less noise, quicker performance and it is also a large part of the reason why it has a higher range than the Audi e-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes EQC.

Thoughts On The New BMW iX

However, as you would expect, all of this does not come cheap. Prices start at £69,905 ranging up to around £115,000 fully specced. Let us know what you think of the iX, in the comments!

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