The technology of science-fiction is becoming realer thanks to Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg has once again achieved the extraordinary. Like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Koenigsegg possesses a certain aura of mystery and magic as a sort-of boutique supercar manufacturer based in Sweden that’s gaining a reputation for achieving the impossible.

Previously, the small Swedish supercar/hypercar manufacturer of under 400 employees made headlines with their highly impressive 2.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine that produces an unbelievable 600 hp. They also made waves with their “Naked Carbon” option which is a type of finish that customers can have instead of a paint finish. The result is a car that is wholly finished in exposed carbon but the options costs an eye-watering £340,000!

Koenigsegg Electric Motor

Now, Koenigsegg continues to create incredibly ingenious pieces of engineering marvel with their latest achievement being a very compact electric motor design that produces an unprecedented amount of power, given its small size. The motor design is called the Raxial Flux and is named after the combination of the two most popular motor designs used in most mass-produced motors, the radial flux and axial flux design.

The motor itself has been given the trendy name “The Quark”, just as their small 2.0-litre 600 hp engine was named the “Tiny Friendly Giant” or “TFG”. Like an invention plucked straight from science-fiction, The Quark produces 335 hp whilst weighing just 63 lbs or around 29 kg and being no bigger than a more commonly-used electric motor found in the cars that manufacturers such as Tesla and BMW use in their EVs.

Koenigsegg Electric Motor

After revealing the Quark last month, the Swedish manufacturer has been receiving enquiries, with the founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg said “We really want to share these components because, of course, there’s a lot of effort and energy and cost put into developing them and setting up,”

“I mean, we have set up a complete test lab with test equipment to make sure we can achieve the lofty goals we have. And it just makes sense to share it as they’re very modular and can fit many different needs.”

Koenigsegg Electric Motor

Using a mixture of radial and axial design, the “raxial” design is able to benefit from the characteristics of both, to some degree. While radial designs often require reduction gearboxes (taking up more space and adding weight) to solve the issue of higher required revs for peak power, axial designs require a lot of expensive materials to cope with the high centrifugal forces generated. Each have their strengths too and The Quark motor is able to take the best of both worlds and work as a motor that does not require a gearbox and is still able to have the broad powerband of an axial flux motor while having high peak power, as usually found in a radial-flux motor.

Koenigsegg Electric Motor

This technology was used to help develop the Koenigsegg Gemera which is a marvel in its own right, existing as a 4-seat hybrid hypercar with 1,700 hp! Koenigsegg continue to impress us with industry-leading tech, what could be in store for us next?

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