Those who have even the slightest interest in cars will know that the new top-material for magnificent motors is carbon fibre. Let’s face it, you only need to watch five minutes of Top Gear to figure that one out.

Foam Car

However, one Reddit user has posted images of a man from Lithuania who has taken an entirely different approach to creating a quality vehicle exterior. Expanding foam!

That’s right, expanding foam. The kind used for construction jobs and DIY projects in the home. Apparently, it’s the perfect material to sculpt your very own dream car. Who knew?

Foam Car

The story first came to light in 2008 it seems, but it’s currently making the rounds on social media platforms everywhere.

Reposted on Reddit and imgur by Geeky_, the pictures demonstrate how a beat-up and crumbling Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class can be totally reshaped to create something new and, quite frankly, really stunning.

Foam Car

Some minor alterations to begin with saw the rear wheel arches altered to fit some new larger, chunkier tyres at the back of the vehicle.

There are also some obvious changes to the shape of the roof and the rear panels. The front was also given a brand new snarling grille before the unorthodox material was applied.

Foam Car

Next, it was all about foam. The innovative designer completely covered the vehicle in the expanding substance, even throughout the interior. He then carefully carved out his desired shaped and ensured the finish was as smooth as possible.

Eventually, when all the curves were in the right places, it was given an expert paint job, finishing off the creation in a smouldering red colour.

Foam Car

On the inside, the dash was completely restructured, while the driver and passenger seats were finished in a white leather-like material.

When completed, the machine exudes class, style and a truly aggressive nature – thanks in part to the squinted headlamps on either side of the toothy grille.

Foam Car

It’s pretty unbelievable to think how the car eventually got to looking this fantastic through the use of a really simple and flexible material. Whether it will maintain its shape and integrity when it hits the motorway is another matter!

However, that really isn’t the point with this car. It is an exercise in design and innovation, one in which the sculptor has truly succeeded.

Hands up those who would want of these machines, even if it is just a show piece to sit in the garage!

Foam Car

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