Last year we were greeted with the news of the sale of an ultra-rare Maserati MC12 in black; one of only 50 in existence. This year, news has emerged of the forthcoming sale of an equally rare Maserati MC12 Corsa.

In fact, this one is even rarer, being numbered 2 of only 12 specific version models built. This isn’t your average car for commuting mind, it’s a track-based rear-wheel drive sports car dating from 2005 with a sweet sounding 6-litre V12 engine that pushes 745bhp, all linked together through a sequential gear box.

maserati mc12 corsa rear side

It gets even better when you find out that, despite being ten years old, the Maserati MC12 only has 89km (55 miles) on the clock, which begs the question, what else did the owner have that was preferred over this…

The original MC12 is a two-seater car that was first produced by Maserati in 2004 with a small run of just 25. The following year a further 25 came into being. The MC12 was built around the chassis of the Enzo and had a top speed of 225mph.

maserati mc12 corsa rear

The only reason the road-going MC12 came into existence was for bureaucratic reasons, as FIA GT rules stated that at least 25 road versions of eligible race cars must exist. The Corsa is the pure racetrack version and intended for private usage only – and it isn’t road legal. The idea-donor for this car was the winner of the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers Cup, the GT1. The increase in track day events has probably led to the existence of the MC12 Corsa.

maserati mc12 corsa interior

Actually, it’s probably because this car is limited to track use only that the mileage is so pleasingly (for the forthcoming new owner) low.

maserati mc12 corsa side2

Originally, the 12 MC12 Corsa models sold for $1.47 million each and this rarest of rare models is expected to reach a staggering sale figure of around $2.99 million when it goes eventually sells in Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

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