Volvo’s new XC60 has much to offer fans of an extended getaway.

As summer approaches, many of us will be turning our thoughts to travel. And since a lot of people now avoid the hassle of dragging the kids to the airport and enduring an uncomfortable flight to the continent by staying in the UK, that means plenty of Brits will be planning long trips in their cars.

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However, have you ever stopped to think that perhaps your own car isn’t the best for these epic road trips? Have you ever wondered which one actually would be and might allow you to reach your destination without wanting to part company with your family?

Well, wonder no more, because the Auto Trader New Car Awards have decided it for you. And in the category of Best Car for Long Distances, more than 63,000 UK motorists voted the XC60 top in the key qualities necessary for any trip.

New Volvo XC60 front side (2)

This premium, mid-size SUV is already becoming a firm favourite in Britain – which is lucky, because, as a second-generation model, it had big wheels to fill. Its predecessor was not only Volvo’s best-selling car, but also the best-selling vehicle of its type in the whole of Europe.

Volvo stepped up, though, and brought this new XC60 in as a new and improved version of its parents. It has better suspension, more technology and extra safety features, as well as uncluttered lines and beautiful detailing.

So, what makes it so great on long journeys? Let’s take a look at the key features.

1. Space

New Volvo XC60 - Space

Despite not having a third row of seats – or perhaps because of it – there’s plenty of space for everyone within the XC60. The cabin feels roomy and the flexible boot can expand to an enormous 1,432-litre capacity when the rear seats are folded down.

That means there’s more than enough room for camping equipment without having to cram rucksacks and other spare gear for staycations into the rear footwells, something we’ve found doesn’t tend to go down well past about 15 miles in.

2. Comfort

New Volvo XC60 - Comfort

Volvo have precision-designed the XC60 with all their Scandinavian genius to make the vehicle feel relaxing to get into. All the controls are ergonomically tested and the seats specially created to ensure minimum driver fatigue and maximum view.

There’s a CleanZone air-quality system and front seat heaters, as well as a nicely-shaped bench in the back to accommodate your passengers without causing any whingeing.

3. All mod cons

New Volvo XC60 - Mod cons

Volvo might be renowned for keeping it simple, but you’ll find everything you need in the XC60 to ensure a convenient drive. There’s incorporated navigation and information systems to help you locate your destination, as well as a Sensus multimedia and connectivity system for a wide range of entertainment options.

Because, let’s face it, sometimes long car journeys are as much about keeping the kids quiet as anything else.

4. Safety

New Volvo XC60 - Safety

When it comes to the XC60 and safety, it’s really a case of how long have you got? Volvo are always top-notch for this and they’ve made this SUV ideal for peace of mind on long trips.

There’s an advanced hazard detection system, as well as Driver Alert Control, which uses steering data to detect when the driver might be feeling tired or losing concentration and to issue a warning.

Steering support is also built in to help you pull the wheel and keep the car pointing forwards if you swerve away from an object in your path rather than stop, ensuring you shouldn’t go off the road or into oncoming traffic.

Volvo set itself a remarkable target that no-one would be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo after 2020 and the XC60 incorporates everything it possibly could to help make this seem achievable.

5. Efficiency

New Volvo XC60 - Efficiency

Another key concern when you’re going on a long trip is the cost – what’s the point in saving money on flights to Europe if you then have to feed it all into the fuel tank of your car?

The XC60 has this covered too, as its highly efficient engine provides a flexible performance ideal for longer journeys, with the added benefit of low consumption and emissions. It’s also available with Mild-Hybrid technology to cut that carbon footprint even more.

Commenting on the XC60’s latest accolade, Volco UK’s Jon Wakefield said: “Once again, it’s the opinions of drivers that have secured another great award for Volvo, in this case for giving people all the qualities they look for when it comes to making long journeys.”

So, the next time you book a week away in Scarborough, you might also want to consider looking at Volvo XC60s. If you want to get there in style and comfort, anyway.

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