Best sounding stock exhausts that are more spectacular than fireworks!

Do you enjoy standing in a muddy field with your neck arched up at the sky watching a nice display of fireworks while your eardrums are perforated with excessively loud explosions? Or would you much rather take in the sights and sounds of some performance cars and their fine-tuned exhaust notes? We know which we would rather enjoy…

Who Needs Fireworks With These Exhaust Notes

They say fireworks produce noise between 150-175 decibels and although even the loudest stock car exhausts are only around 100 db, it’s the quality of the sound that matters most. For instance, did you know that Lexus partnered with Yamaha, experts in manufacturing some of the best sounding pianos, guitars and other instruments, to make the LFA’s exhaust note as sonorous as possible?

And it’s not just Lexus that go to such lengths to achieve a sweet-sounding exhaust, this is a very common practice amongst automakers, especially those making performance models. Here are some of the best sounding OEM exhausts for you this Fireworks Night.

Jaguar F-Type V6

It’s no coincidence that the pipes on the back of an F-Type look like a pair of instruments stolen from an orchestra. Known as one of the best V6 exhaust notes available, the F-Type’s carefully tuned active sports exhaust makes you glad to be rudely overtaken by one, which is very likely.

BMW M5 E60

Now available to buy for very cheap, the E60 M5 was one good sounding beast. However, thanks to its atrocious reliability and expensive repair bills, any enthusiasts brave enough to get one at a bargain price are surely in for a lot of aggravation. That being said, the scream of its 5.0-litre V10 simply cannot be beaten.

VW Golf R32

It certainly isn’t the most powerful on the list and it definitely isn’t the most luxurious but the R32 makes up for what it lacks with its character. It’s small, nippy and affordable and on top of everything, one characteristic that is adored across the R32 cult is its sound. Despite looking like a cute little cartoon car, it somehow has the sound of supercar with twice the power it has. Incredible!

Mazda RX-8

The RX-8’s exhaust note is an acquired taste. Thanks to the faithful (but detrimental) choice to give the RX-8 a rotary engine, just as the RX-7 had, the sound produced is rather unique when compared directly to other sports cars. The engine revs higher and combusts fuel in a totally different way compared to standard piston-driven engines which results in a sound that you just cannot get on other cars. The price owners pay is an engine that will break if you look at it funny.

Let us know which cars you think have the best sounding exhausts, in the comments.

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