The hot hatch from heaven isn’t the greatest creation ever made, surprisingly.

Said to be the best thing to come out of 2020 (which isn’t too hard, I guess), the GR Yaris took the motoring world by storm with critics and reviewers praising it like it’s the cure to all the world’s woes. It’s very easy to like something that everyone else likes (looking at you, Pulp Fiction) but it’s time for a reality check. The GR Yaris is haplessly overrated.

A Yaris for the price of £30,000

Toyota GR Yaris 2020

Said to be an everyday hero and an ‘affordable’ sports car, yet the pricetag seems to suggest otherwise. Yes, it’s kitted out with rally-spec engineering and flys like the wind but at the end of the day, spending any more than £20,000 on a Yaris seems a bit over the top.

Paying over thirty big ones for a three-cylinder single-turbo hot hatch the size of the average 17-year-old’s car is not something to be happy about. We should be annoyed they didn’t put this kind of engineering into the GR Supra, not happy that we got it in a cheap hatchback.

With options, most are looking around at least £33,000 which you could get yourself a nice slightly used M240i or even a Mustang for.

Options are limited

Toyota GR Yaris 2020

When buying a GR Yaris, customers have to make a tough call. They can either get the package that comes with 18 inch BBS alloys, special Micheline tyres and upgraded suspension OR they can have upgraded speakers, blind-spot monitors, heads up display, parking sensors and other comfort-enriching features.

Essentially, if you want the proper GR Yaris experience and decide to go with the Circuit Pack, you will have to forgo parking sensors, nice speakers, illuminated entry system and the better Touch 2 with Go navigation system. Not a big deal for most as we all know that no one buys a GR Yaris expecting luxury comfort but still, choice would be nice.

How is this not overrated?

Toyota GR Yaris 2020

It would seem a new hot hatch has been talked about more than the Ferrari Roma or Maserati MC20. Has the GR Yaris been propped upon a pedestal so high that a cult religion has been started in its honour? Probably. Does it live up to the hype? Not quite.

Lastly, a lot of the celebration of this car is its rally heritage and the fact that it’s a ‘homologation’ car has been shouted from the rooftops over and over again. Unfortunately, it’s not even a real homologation car. It’s not a real rally car and will never have a racing history like the icons before it (Renault 5 Turbo, Peugeot 205 Turbo etc.) as Toyota has no intentions to use it in WRC.

It sounds like great fun for reviewers that get to drive it for free but when it comes to spending £30,000 on a car, most people will look elsewhere before buying this. If they were going to buy a seriously quick hot hatch, they’d look to the Civic Type R.

Let us know your thoughts on the GR Yaris in the comments below!

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