Be it the R32, R33 or R34, we think the Skyline is far from the perfect car

The Nissan Skyline is worshipped around the world and dreamed about every night by countless enthusiasts. With stunning looks like no other and the ability to withstand the most extreme tuning, the Skyline truly is something special. However, it’s not the best car in the world and it certainly has its flaw. Although it may be hard to admit the car of your dreams isn’t perfect, it’s time to grow out of the Fast and Furious fantasy and understand that Skylines aren’t as flawless as we may have been fooled into believing.

Sure it’s beautiful, but it’s old

Honestly, we just can’t say that the Skyline is an ugly car. It’s absolutely stunning and even though the original design (R32) was made about 30 years ago, these cars continue to look better than most modern cars on the road today. But, no matter how cool a car looks, there will always be things that make it look old and outdated amongst the shiny new cars that surround it on the road.

For instance, there’s no hiding the interior when it comes to old cars and not ageing well. If you take one of the models that had a digital display, you’ll see that it looks like a computer from the original Alien film. This is complemented with a very plastic dashboard and probably that “old car smell” that’s a mix of fuel and dust.

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Motor-Vision

Of course, for classic car lovers this is all just part of the package. Even with that said, the owners must be somewhat envious of the modern technologies that the Skylines lack. Little things like LED lights, windshield defrosters and parking sensors cannot be enjoyed by classic car enthusiasts, which is a shame. Newer is often better and as the years go on, the Nissan Skyline is only going to feel more and more ancient when compared to the cars it shares the roads with.

Classic Track Day Performance – It’s not as fast as you think

Nissan Skyline Motor-Vision

It was cool in the movies, but in on a race track, a stock Skyline is not the exhilarating performance car track day ride you imagine it to be. The power was limited in a lot of markets which left the legendary sports car with less of a kick. Many argue that the car had underwhelming pickup and equally disappointing handling. Perhaps it was just made to go sideways?

Either way, thanks to the incredible tuning potential of these motors, it only takes a few thousand pounds to make a mildly fast 300hp car into a 600hp beast that can put a Ferrari to shame.

Prices are through the roof!

Nissan Skyline GTR Motor-Vision

If you’d like to own a legendary Nissan Skyline you’ll be shocked to find how much they’ll cost you. A well-kept, professionally tuned R34 will range from £40,000-£95,000 and an R32 will cost around £20,000-£40,000. With those prices, you may as well buy a Nissan GT-R that’s only 7 years old.

That being said, the price ranges vary dramatically. Although the professionally kept models will cost you an arm and a leg, you can actually pick up an R34 for under £10k if you look hard enough and R33s are even easier to find for less. These high prices are great for sellers, but it makes buying one only possible through remortgaging your house and giving up your first born child! These cars are a physical definition of the word “overpriced”.

Speaking of prices, replacement parts aren’t cheap, or easy to find. For example, a single headlamp unit for an R34 will set you back £425.

In the end, the Nissan Skyline is an ultimate symbol of cool and great for passionate fans with a lot of spare money. But unfortunately, for those of us living in the real world, that money can usually be better spent on something newer, more reliable and potentially faster and the only downfall is that it won’t be a Skyline.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the topic!

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