Some of the best car YouTubers that you’ll become addicted to


If you’re into car modding, chances are you already spend a lot of time on YouTube. Whether you do or don’t, the videos being made by these talented YouTubers are perfect for anyone that’s passionate about modifying cars. Clickbaity thumbnails with large text and arrows, shameless product placements and most of all, amazing content that you’ll be watching until the early hours of the morning. Here are some of the best DIY car YouTubers that we think you can’t afford to miss!

B Is For Build

B Is For Build

Although this is the YouTube channel with the least subscribers out of the ones we’re going to talk about, BIFB has some serious talent and we’re very thankful that Chris et al. are sharing their experiences with the rest of the world. Although they’re not mega-famous, BIFB still have over 400,000 subscribers and it’s easy to see why their popularity is rising exponentially.

B Is For Build_2

Best known for buying cheap and broken cars and fixing them, it seems like Chris and his buddies (and sometimes his girlfriend too) can do it all. From welding and cutting metal parts to painting a whole car, it seems that BIFB can turn any crashed and battered motor and turn it into a very respectable ride. Their previous projects include a BMW M5, Mazda RX-7 and a Nissan 370z, all of which started off with a chunk of them missing and/or many broken pieces. If you’re looking for real old-school style car modding without all the fancy tech, visit their channel and you won’t regret it.

Scotty Kilmer


A crazy middle-aged man who shouts his opinions at his camera and uploads it to YouTube. Carrying a certain rockstar energy, Scotty is exactly the right weird and wonderful character the YouTube car scene needs. His videos range from off-the-rail rants about how British road signs don’t make sense, to more informative videos about what happens if you don’t change fuel filters or how to fix your air con for free.

If you’re looking for something to wake you up, just visit his channel and you’ll soon be greeted by Scotty’s passionate ramblings sometimes featuring a weird cat cushion sitting in the background. It’s time to “rev up your engines!”.



If you’re interested in learning new things with professional and high-quality videos, ChrisFix is the guy to go to. With over 3.8 million subscribers and over half a billion views, Chris is on top of his game and once you watch his videos, you’ll understand why he’s been so successful.


His tutorials are straight to the point and overflowing with information, allowing aspiring motorheads to up their game in the most efficient way. You’ll be learning things you never even knew you wanted to learn on ChrisFix’s channel, so what are you waiting for?



At the moment, this rising star is best known for his Lamborghini project. He’s bought a Gallardo with an endless list of problems including paint damage everywhere, buttons that don’t work, an engine that can’t rev past 3,000 rpm and a whole lot of fire damage. So, you can see why his subscriber count, currently 520,000, is rising each day.


Not only is he trying to repair a Gallardo without using Lambo parts, he also has a regular podcast/discussion videos where he and a friend talk over all kinds of motoring-related stories that never fail to entertain. Other than that, you can always expect a decent flow of engaging content on Tavarish’s channel that has thumbnails so clickbaity interesting, you won’t be able to resist being pulled into (what will end up being) another hour-long viewing session.

So there are some of the best DIY car YouTube channels to check out, for all of you everyday wrenchers!



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