With the days getting darker as the winter draws in, motorists are getting fewer and fewer chances to gaze upon their vehicles in the flattering light of day.

Audi Sunset Feature

However, Audi has revealed a number of new images showing its models can still be beautiful, even when the darkness begins to creep in.

An exclusive photo shoot was set up using a unique photographic technique called “light painting”, which helps illuminate various parts of the car using a moving hand-held light source or camera, with the exposures capturing the various light trails.

Audi Sunset_2


The Audi A3, RS5 Cabriolet, S5 and S6 were all captured in front of remarkable sunsets, or in fading light, making the most of other surrounding sources of illumination.

Audi has one of the most recognisable headlight configurations in a number of its models. LED daytime lighting lining the bottom of the glass casing gives the models a unique look in the dawn or dusk.

Audi Sunset_1

For when the night turns to pitch darkness, penetrating LED headlights will help motorists to find their way to wherever they are planning to go.

The images have been released as Audi recognises the coming of the shortest day of the year on December 21st – where the sun rises at 8.04am and sets at 3.53pm.

Audi Sunset_6

In addition to the exquisite natural lighting that frames the RS 5 Cabriolet perfectly, the special photography techniques fully accentuate the gleaming body of the model.

Another shot of the car sees it staring across a body of water with the roof down, as the sky turns to a mystical shade of indigo.

Audi Sunset_4

When it comes to snapping the S5 and the S6, the darker paintworks highlight the power of the LED lights further.

The S6 Saloon in particular does not only provide the driver with LED technology throughout the lighting units, it also offers excellent speed and acceleration.

With a 0-62mph acceleration time of 4.6 seconds and hitting a maximum of 155mph, it won’t quite travel at the speed of light, but it is still excellent for the typical model in its class.

Audi Sunset_3

The S5 Coupe is no slow coach either, hitting the 62mph benchmark in just 4.9 seconds, helped by the power found in its 3.0-litre V6 engine.

Finally, the Audi A3 is shown in almost total darkness, with the car still shining in the minimal light.

The model has the ability to tackle all kinds of weather conditions, especially those associated with the season of winter.

Available in a three-, four-, or five-door variant, there is an A3 in the range to suit almost every driver’s needs.

Audi Sunset_7

The car gives drivers excellent economy too, achieving 60.1mpg while emitting just 109g/km of CO2.

While the images of the new Audi are wonderfully presented, there is an important message behind the fun for drivers.

Make sure you stay safe on the roads this winter, with the darker days often leading to an increase in accidents.

Remember to make sure all your headlights, fog lights and brake lights are fully functioning before heading out on the road this Christmas, to make sure your season remains merry.

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