Customers looking for a sportscar on a budget are now able to put their name down for the new Caterham Seven 160.

The attractive model can be bought in either a kit car or fully built model – although this is available at a slightly higher price.

Caterham Seven 160 Feature

For those with who are handy with a spanner, the component version of the vehicle will be on offer from £14,995. According to Caterham, the live-axle rear suspension, in addition to the car’s compact engine and low weight, brings similarities to Sevens models from long ago.

Those interested in moving into the exciting world of sports cars, but are unsure where to start, will see the new Caterham as an excellent entry-point, especially when it comes to the Seven range.

Caterham Seven 160 front angle shot

Once put together – or once it arrives on your driveway – you’ll be able to benefit from a 80hp, Suzuki powered 660cc engine, featuring three cylinders and turbo charger. It won’t take long to get to the speedy sixty mark either, with this acceleration achieved from standing in just 6.5 seconds.

Instead of just going for straight-up performance, Caterham has developed the vehicle in order to deliver impressive handling when behind the wheel. In fact, this feature is among the reasons the manufacturer has said it will “redefine” the budget sportscar.

Caterham Seven 160

With the foot to the floor, the vehicle will be able to achieve speeds of 100mph when it’s completely put to the limit – perfect for showing off when on the track.

While keeping the desirable features of the average top-down, kit car, the new Seven 160 also packs bags of personality.

The headlights, featured on stalks on either side of the shaped front down-turned nose, in addition to a ‘7’ emblazoned front grille, gives the vehicle an enigmatic face, while an elongated front section and the rear-located cabin also provide a simplistic, timeless look.

Caterham Seven 160 rear

As well as providing value for money in a sportscar, the new Seven 160 also produces new levels of efficiency, adhering to EU5, EU6 and JC08 regulations for emissions.

Graham Macdonald, Caterham Cars chief executive, said the manufacturer intends to keep the Seven series alive for years to come, regardless of how far the company grows and expands into new sectors and industries.

He went on to praise the 160, for offering something different to the entry-level market and providing a drive that is both fun and accessible.

Caterham Seven 160 sportscar

“The engineering challenges we faced when developing the new vehicle were significant. The engine, suspension and the overall dynamics all needed to work in harmony and the various arms of the Group have been successful in pooling facilities and expertise to achieve that,” he added.

While orders can be placed now, customers will have to wait until late spring for the first deliveries arrive, with production scheduled to begin in January 2014.

For those in other EU countries, an altered version known as the 165 will be available.

Caterham Seven 160 dash detail

Caterham Seven 160 engine

Caterham Seven 160 hilltop

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