UK-based car manufacturer Caterham has revealed its brand new road model, which is set to be released for motorists in 2014.  Caterham has recently been gaining worldwide recognition as a manufacturer of Formula 1 vehicles, with Charles Pic and Giedo van der Garde currently trying to steer the team to success.

Caterham Aeroseven Feature

However, a new model will soon be available for road users and Caterham claims the vehicle outlines the brand’s intention for future models, engineering processes, speed, and styling.

Lets just hope that it doesn’t follow heavily with the latter.

Caterham Aero Seven Aerial View

As the name suggests, the AeroSeven is adopting a unique aerodynamic styling. In fact it’s so aerodynamic, the car is almost completely flat.

Apart from the raised back support for the passenger seats, the car has an extraordinarily low design, with the intention to balance function and form to increase downforce and improve drag coefficient.

Caterham Aero Seven Rear Detail

In order to achieve this, it seems the Caterham have decided that a design emulating a giant green tongue was the best way to go.

Early indications suggest that the drivers cockpit will be totally exposed, which would not be preferable for the typical chilly and wet English days.

Caterham Aero Seven Rear Shot

The manufacturer has said the car features a completely new rollover structure, to aid safety and improve aerodynamics. This is certainly welcome, as – if taking the exterior into account – the possibility of rolling the vehicle would mean the driver and the passenger is inelegantly squashed if the car turns upside down.

Furthermore, Caterham has said the aerodynamic design is to enhance aesthetics – which is quite baffling.

Caterham Aero Seven Profile

However, maybe the performance has some redeeming features?

According to the manufacturer, Caterham will be able to achieve 62 mph from standing in an impressive four seconds. Perhaps there is still some hope for the concept.

Caterham Aero Seven Front Shot

It will become the first Caterham to be fitted with traction control, with drivers able to benefit from fully-adjustable traction and launch control functionality. It is just one of the features the new AeroSeven Concept adopts from methods used by the F1 team. The 240ps (237bhp) Ford Duratec-based engine is able to deliver 8,500 rpm at its peak, yet is still able to comply with strict EU6 emission regulations.

Caterham Aero Seven Interior Detail

On the inside, the driver and the passenger will be seated in what almost seems like a pod, with no evidence of a door on either side.

A centre console fully separates each individual, with a raised bar holding the rear-view mirror. On the console itself is the gear stick, as well as other controls. Furthermore, a brand new fully active graphical display unit (GDU) is included, which has been developed by the Technology and Innovation team at Caterham. This details speed and traction details, as well as fuel and oil levels.

Caterham Aero Seven Detail Dash

Graham Macdonald, managing director of Caterham Cars, said: “Over the coming years, we will be expanding our range of sportscars as we look to meet the differing needs and desires of potential customers – from the lifestyle customer to the ultimate thrill-seeker. The AeroSeven Concept is the first model in that journey.”

Despite some impressive performance figures, Caterham really needs to work on their design features if the vehicle is to be a success.

At the moment, the green tongue simply lacks any taste.

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