Love the Jaguar XKR? Adore the Aston Martin DB5? Well, David Brown Automotive might have developed your new dream car.

DB Speedback Feature

Designers have come up with the Speedback GT which it is set to present itself at the Top Marques show in Monaco on April 17th.

The initial cues are taken from the design of the Aston Martin DB5 and DB6 models from the 1960s, with the car certainly having the air of these iconic cars without being too close to the inspiring subject.

David Brown Automotive Speedback Rear

Under the hand-formed aluminium panels though is the platform and mechanical package found in a Jaguar XKR.

It looks sensational, delivering all the classic features of sports cars from years gone by while still being inherently modern.

Although the price hasn’t been confirmed yet, the model is sure to cost a pretty penny. This is indicated by the fact Jaguar are pleased with the Speedback, as it won’t be in direct competition with any of its cars, because it is set to be in a much higher price bracket than any Jag.

David Brown Automotive Speedback Front Shot

In fact, David Brown himself told Autocar that it will be somewhere between £100,000 and £1 million. That doesn’t really narrow it down, but you get the idea. It’s a lot of money.

Both the inside and outside parts of the Speedback are unique, despite having heavy influences. The switches on the interior are made via a process known as ‘direct metal laser sintering’. Sounds a bit James Bond, don’t you think? Although, perhaps more of an elaborate murder technique by a Bond villain rather than a way to construct cars!

David Brown Automotive Speedback grill front

A prototype of the car has been constructed by Envisage, with a convertible version set to be released in the future.

It was made by hand rolled and hand-beaten aluminium, giving it that more personal, cared-for touch.

While it might not quite match the top-performance specs of its influences, the Speedback is still pretty nippy.

David Brown Automotive

With a top speed of 155mph and a 0-60mph speed of under five seconds, the car is sure to be a hit among those with a need for speed – if they can afford it!

And is David Brown worried about what Aston Martin think of the car? Not at all!

David Brown Automotive logo

“I haven’t invited any feedback from Aston Martin. I’m not looking for their sanction on our product, nor to leverage off the other DB. This car will be what people perceive it to be, and happens to be funded and managed by a chap called David Brown,” he told Autocar.

In a strange coincidence, David Brown is a name formidable with Aston Martin design. However, he and the aforementioned manufacturer share no relation or connection.

David Brown Automotive Speedback side

So will the Speedback be a hit? With such a price tag, it might put a lot of people off. However, when it’s this pretty, it will be difficult to resist.

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