We’ve all had a little fantasy about speeding down the street in our very own supercar, driving past a host of people as they stare enviously at your machine.

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In Brooklyn, New York, a driver was having this very experience in a pristine, white Lamborghini Aventador. However, the person behind the wheel would have hoped to have not been seen on this occasion.

Gunning it down a road in a Brooklyn residential area, a Lamborghini was caught on CCTV, swerving away from an oncoming vehicle before losing control.

What followed, was a crash into the a concrete wall and a tree on the outside of a house, before the car split in half!

Luckily no-one was hurt during the accident, but the pain felt of seeing your very own Lambo in two pieces must have been utterly excruciating.

Later, pictures showed the vehicle had ended up almost ten metres apart, with it buckled and bruised and miles away from ever being repaired.

The Aventador is a fearsome beast. Delivering 700HP and a top speed of 350km/h, the car should not be placed in the wrong hands.

Achieving 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds, the acceleration is incredible, and that is demonstrated on the shocking video.

Quite simply, it looked like a missile shooting down the Brooklyn street. As it quickly moved out of the way to avoid the oncoming car, even an expert would have struggled to contain the vehicle as the Lamborghini clipped the front of the vehicle before losing control of the tail and slamming into the wall.

The driver was lucky to walk away unscathed really, but motoring enthusiasts must shudder when they see such an immaculate, expensive and powerful fantasy car suffer such an extraordinarily horrible fate.

Lamborghini describes the Aventador as having a “fearless look”. The person behind the wheel must have been pretty fearless when taking the car at such speeds down that Brooklyn street.

Available at around £300,000, owning an Aventador will just be a dream for a number of motorists. However, after seeing the almost horror crash, some might be pleased that they’ll never see such a prized possession so destroyed.

It’s worth remembering that the driver did not sustain any significant injuries following the incident. This can perhaps be attributed to the car’s front dual stage driver airbag and front adaptive passenger airbag, as well as seats with side “head-thorax” airbags and knee airbags.

The extremely aero-dynamic design and carbon fibre monocoque shell could have explained why the vehicle was so easily split into two pieces.

With Lamborghini looking to reduce weight in any way possible, exterior stability might have suffered as a result.

The people of Brooklyn would no doubt have been shocked by the appearance of the Lamborghini. Not only to see such an incredible car travelling down their street, but also for the unbelievable events that followed.

However, questions must be raised about what exactly the other car involved was doing. It seemed to just drift into the opposite lane, causing the Lambo to make a late manoeuvre.

Maybe it was simply awestruck by the oncoming vehicle?


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