Motoring enthusiasts have been licking their lips at the prospect of a brand new McLaren racing model. The 12C GT Sprint from the manufacturer was unveiled at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed and it has now moved one step closer towards a full release.

McLaren GT Sprint Feature

McLaren has revealed that the latest offering will be available to customers at the miniscule cost of £195,000 and those with a taste for speed will want to get their hands on the new vehicle that has been developed with the race track at the forefront of designers’ minds.

Delivered following a collaboration between McLaren GT and McLaren Automotive, the new performance vehicle is set to retain a number of the systems featured in the 12C road version of the car. However, these have been honed and refined to produce top quality performance.

McLaren 12C GT Sprint on the track

For example, the car will feature a highly-developed Brake Steer system alongside the active McLaren Airbrake, in addition to a recalibrated Proactive Chassis Control (PCC) system. The manufacturer has said these will help to provide a “truly bespoke” racing experience, with the driver able to adjust preferences based on their own individual driving style and ability.

The McLaren looks fierce too, with a streamlined design to increase aerodynamics, while a ride height of 40mm helps to increase stability and dynamics. The racing model also comes with winged doors to add to the edgy aesthetic. Furthermore, the front bumper is “more aggressive” and the bonnet is inspired by GT3 vehicles.

McLaren 12C GT Sprint track action

According to Chris Goodwin, McLaren Automotive chief test driver, the new 12C racer builds on the road model’s “universally acclaimed” levels of driving prowess and cornering skills, delivering high levels of power and torque.

“The 12C GT Sprint has been designed as a true track-focused racer, offering increased levels of downforce, grip and durable track performance,” he added.

“Retaining all of the innovative technology and characteristics of the 12C road car such as active aero, Brake Steer and the innovative PCC suspension system, dynamically, the 12C GT Sprint takes things to a new level with the addition of many race track specific features.”

McLaren 12C GT Sprint rear shot

Mr Goodwin went on to say that the combination of top-quality design and impressive refined mechanical systems provides the driver with confidence all the way round a lap, with the 12C GT Sprint achieving this at a faster speed than its predecessor and inspiration.

Under the bonnet is a highly efficient M838T 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 powerplant, which is also found in the 12C and 12C Spider. Furthermore, the twin clutch gearbox is also retained in the racing model.

McLaren 12C GT Sprint open gull wing doors

However, despite have the same 75kg carbon fibre MonoCell chassis as the road version, it has removed any features that will add weight to the vehicle.

The ride has been improved all the way down to the driving position, with a lightweight composite racing fitted with full six-point harness – which of course adds to the safety roll cage to protect the driver.

McLaren 12C GT Sprint in action

Managing director of McLaren GT Andrew Kirkaldy said: “The 12C GT Sprint offers a true insight into GT car levels of performance, in terms of downforce and grip. The 12C is one of the most accomplished high performance sportscars ever built, and the enhancements featured on the 12C GT Sprint build on, and optimise, these abilities to create one of the most usable track cars available, with levels of performance that are truly and easily accessible.”


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