Caterham has announced the launch of its new Seven Supersport R variant.

The new model will deliver 25 per cent more power than the regular Supersport, with its engine undergoing an upgrade from the standard 1.6-litre to a new two-litre Ford Duratec powerhouse.

Priced at £27,995, the new Supersport R model has been honed in three seasons of Caterham's R300 race championship.

Caterham Cars chief executive Graham Macdonald said: "The Supersport's formula has struck a chord with driving enthusiasts and we are confident that, by extending the range to include an R model, we will be able to build on the original's success."

First launched in 1973, the iconic Caterham Seven is a two-seater sports car which offers a unique driving experience for performance vehicle fans.

Open to the elements and with an extremely low ride height, the Seven has been likened to a road-legal go-kart, but one capable of delivering upwards of 175 bhp.

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Posted by Mark Thompson

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